Just a quick post to show you the few things I picked up on holiday in Rhodes. One of the reasons I wanted to go to Rhodes was the town centre with all its quirky little shops and market stalls, and I wasn’t disappointed! Once you’ve got through the numerous tourist shops with your typical postcards, fake Ray Bans and Rhodes fridge magnets, there are some really good jewellery and bag shops, many with hand made items. I picked up a range of things, all under €8.00 each! Bargains.

These rings were all from different shops and were about €4 each. I could have gone wild buying rings as there were so many gorgeous designs, but if you saw my Ring Collection post while I was away, you will know I have a slight obsession/problem that I need to control! 

These are two of my favourite purchases. They are both traditional Greek handmade items and I just had to have them as soon as I saw them! The bag is all made from woven threads in some amazing colours and patterns. It isn’t something that I would use often at home but in came in handy on holiday and looks great hung on the back of my bedroom door, plus at only €5 and being the only one left, I couldn’t think of a reason not to get it. The slippers are also handmade and are one of those love or hate things. I happen to love them and have been wearing them all the time in the house since we got back. They have a real leather sole and were only €8!
This purse was another impulse buy, but I thought it was so cute and I needed a decent coin purse to carry my euros round in. I think it is hand painted and cost €4.50.

Finally I picked up this gorgeous oil painting. It is an original painting on canvas from a small art shop and was only €3.50. I thought it would look nice in my room so I picked up this frame with some birthday money from Dunelm Mill at will hang it up on my wall.

I didn’t get as much stuff as I thought I would, but to be honest there wasn’t a lot that caught my eye (apart from tons of rings!). I love all the things I picked up and think I got some lovely souvenirs.

Have you bought anything from holidays recently?


  1. I always buy a ring from each holiday I go on, so I feel your don't-want-to-buy-too-many woes! I'm such an addict 😛 Love the slippers, and the painting was a bragain too! x

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