I did plan on taking proper outfit photos today, but I’ve had such a busy week that I just couldn’t be bothered to set up the tripod, so Photobooth it is! Its my day off today, and apart from a little trip to the shops this morning, I’m trying to chill out as much as possible. Nothing much to report, other than another H&M order arrived today. I got another pair of faux leather shorts, but a slightly longer, higher waisted shape, a faux leather skirt and a jumper. Also got the ring and faux fur collar in the pictures.

Fur Collar – H&M

Faux Leather Jacket (Just Seen) – Topshop

Ring – H&M

Lips – Impassioned by MAC

I’ll be back at some point with an actual outfit post before I go away on Monday afternoon to make up for this half hearted attempt!

Hope you’re all well and have a lovely weekend!

PS. I have a couple of blazers still for sale on eBay. They end Sunday night!


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