First of all, thanks everyone for your lovely comments on feedback on my first ‘Sitting Pretty Styles’ post. I’ll definitely try to keep up with this feature as I have really enjoyed compiling it and putting it all together. I had a comment on the last one suggesting I do leather shorts next, and I jumped at the chance! The shorts featured in this are ones are similar to some that I own myself, and I’ve just ordered another pair in a slightly different style. Again, I’ve done two looks with the same garment, to show you how to dress down for day time, or up for night.


So far I’ve only worn my shorts for work, as I have to wear all black. I wear them over opaque tights with a chunky jumper or a tee and cardigan to tone them down a little. I’ve yet to wear them for just a day to day look, so this is what I would steer towards. The jumper is one I already have in two colours, as seen in my previous post, and the baggy fit is perfect to balance out the shorts. I’d throw on a tweed style jacket or a casual blazer and a cosy snood in black to tie in with black opaques and flats. For a splash more colour I’d wear a bright satchel bag and a colourful ring.

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For the night time I would make the shorts more of a statement and be a bit more daring. I’d wear them again with a loose blouse to balance out proportions. The Lita style heels would be perfect for this dramatic look, but could easily be replaced with a simpler black heel if they were too out there for you! I’d add some colour with the turquoise cross body bag, then accessorise with some dangly spiked earrings and an extra long chain. I’d add some sparkle to this look with some glitter nails too – perfect for a Christmas night out!

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Let me know what you think of this week’s installment of Sitting Pretty Styles, and please keep the suggestions coming of what you’d like to see next week!

I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post and a little review of some gorgeous jewellery I received recently. Hope you’re all having a lovely week!


  1. Just caught a glimpse of your latest styling post on my reader and on closer inspection was very happy to see you took me up on my shorts suggestion 🙂 – another great round of ideas! Looking forward to your next one. Carla

  2. Thanks for doing this post! I've been wanting to get some leather shorts for the past year now but I can never find any I like and I don't know how best to wear them and when I tell people I want some they look at me funny :') I'll be using some of your tips when I next go into town 🙂

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