Today I’ve decided to start a new feature that puts what I learnt at uni to use. As you know I did a degree in Styling, where I learnt everything from how to style commercial and editorial shoots, to designing window displays and everything in between and beyond! I’ve called the feature ‘Sitting Pretty Styles’ which sums it all up really. Basically, each week I’ll pick a popular item of clothing that season and show you two ways to style it. One for a casual look and one for a more formal, going out look. To start the ball rolling I’ve chosen the midi skirt which is one of my favourite things to wear. I often get people saying ‘Oh I wish I knew how to wear something like that’ or ‘I wish I could pull that off’, so what I want you all to do is make suggestions for the next weeks feature!
I’ll cut to the chase and get stuck in!


I tend to wear my midis for day wear as they are relaxed and easy to dress down. I like to wear mine with tees tucked in and some comfy flats, which is what I’ve styled here but more geared towards the colder months. With a midi (or a maxi) I wouldn’t recommend wearing a long jacket as this will hide the skirt and create a straight, flat silhouette which isn’t a flattering look! Keep jacket lengths around the same place as the skirt begins to keep proportions right and create a nice shape. Shoes can be a difficult area with a midi as it hits the calf at an unusual point and can sometimes makes ankles appear wide than they are. I’ve chosen some comfy, masculine brogues, but teamed them with a simple black ankle sock that will slim the ankle down and add interest. A basic jersey tee tucked into the skirt will ensure the waist is emphasised, but the look is still casual. Add on a faux fur stole and carry a slouchy satchel for a cool day time look!

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Personally, I think for evening wear the midi needs to be kept more clean and simplistic, as it is more of a statement piece for night. A sophisticated look would be to tuck in a simple black vest or camisole top, but more of a fitted style than the casual tee to keep a sleek silhouette. Again, I’d go for a blazer jacket as I think they make the skirt look more modern, but this time in a neutral cream tone. I’d then let the accessories do the talking, with a statement necklace and bracelet to add interest without being too fussy. For shoes I would go for something chunky and eye catching like the studded platform clogs I’ve gone for, as there is quite a lot of leg still showing with a midi, so you can get away with it! Then finish off with a bold envelope clutch in black to balance out the colours and pull everything together.

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So what do you think of my choices? I love doing stuff like this so if you all like it I’ll definitely stick to this. Please feel free to suggest an item for m to style next week, or if you’re struggling to style something you have bought, send me a link to it and I’ll see what I can do!

Hope you’re all okay!

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  1. This is a great idea for a post, please do more! I read it with interest since I recently bought a midi skirt and haven't worn it enough because I seem to make it look too much like I'm dressing up for a 50's night. You've given me some good tips on how to make it look less like that, so thanks. How about a post on styling leather shorts next? Carla 🙂

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