Often when I get emails asking if I would like to write about something, I dismiss them fairly quickly as it is usually something I’m not interested in and wouldn’t particularly fit in with my blog, but when I got an email about Waddletots dolls, it really stood out to me as something quirky and relevant.

“Waddletots are a stunning collection of dolls created by artist and designer Emma Waddleton. Emma’s life-long love of fashion, textiles and interiors, coupled with an exceptional talent for design and an obsession with vintage style, is reflected in each doll’s beautifully expressive hand-painted face and individually designed outfit, peppered with eco-kindness. Rare vintage textiles, accessories and trims are carefully sourced and hand picked by Emma, adding to the Waddletots’ swagger and charm, culminating in a unique and precious dolly sporting its own distinctive woven label.”

Sounds cute right? Well take a look at the dolls themselves!

Left – Pearl

Right – Suki

There are twelve dolls to choose from on the website at the moment, some male, some female, but all equally stunning and beautifully made. The detail that is put into these is amazing. Especially the hand painted facial features and the detail added to the fabric. 

I think these would make amazing special Christmas presents for someone who loves all things vintage.

Let me know which is your favourite!

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