Day two of my nine day break and nine days of outfits! Today I dragged Dan charity shopping where I picked up a few jumpers and a couple of other bits, which I’ll show you tomorrow. I was going to include them in this post, but the lighting is awful in my room, so I’ll take some photos in the morning! 

I picked up this jumper in the sale at work for £14. Fuse is a brand I rarely by from because the clothes aren’t really my thing, but I thought this was a lovely colour and it looks like it could be from somewhere like Topshop or Urban Outfitters! Also, these boots arrived this morning. I wasn’t so sure when I first put them on, but the fact that I was trying them on with my pyjamas didn’t really do them justice. I wore them with my faux leather panel leggings, which you’ve not seen before as they are normally something I wear to work. I was going to wear some skinny jeans that also came in my H&M order, but to my surprise they’re too big, so I’ll be swapping them at my local store tomorrow.

Blouse – Affleck’s Palace, Manchester
Cardigan – Fuse @ Outfit
Camisole (worn underneath) – Dorothy Perkins
Leggings – Topshop
Boots – H&M
Necklace – Wallis
Lips – Fanfare by MAC

Tomorrow we are looking after my little nephew, then going into town in the afternoon to swap my H&M jeans and hopefully get some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Krispy Kreme opened in Preston recently and I haven’t been yet. Seriously disappointed in myself at how long it has taken me to go!


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