Today has been a lovely day off. Dan and I decided to go out and have a look round the shops as we had nothing better to do. We ended up looking at things for when we move in together, such as pots and pans, kitchen utensils and towels. Sounds so boring, but it made me quite excited about the whole thing! We’ve decided that when we get paid we will start buying a few bits to put away, so that when it actually does happen we won’t have as much to buy. This is what I wore when we went out, plus my trusty Topshop faux leather biker jacket. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen me talking about the Topshop Pork Pie hat. I saw it in work the other day and fell in love. Dan bought it me and now I never want to take it off. Also, my second pair of shoes arrived courtesy of Deichmann! Like I said, originally I chose some other brogues that when they arrived, weren’t really me, so these were what I chose to replace them with. These are much more my style. They are these suede effect brogues by Graceland, and I love their masculine shape and stitched detail. I can see these fast becoming regulars in outfit posts!

Jumper – Sainsburys

Blouse – Charity Shop

Cut Off Levi’s Shorts – COW Manchester

Tights – Primark

Brogues – c/o Deichmann

Hat – Topshop

Lips – Impassioned by MAC

Again, like the Boots, these are really well made and surprisingly really comfy. I’ve worn them all day and they haven’t rubbed at all, which is great as I normally have to break brogues in first. I’d definitely recommend these, and they’re only £17.99 which in my eyes is a bargain for shoes!


  1. These shoes are exactly what I've been after recently, cannot believe they were so cheap!
    I bought this hat this week 🙂 I loooove it! It fits so good on the back of my head without falling off!xxx

  2. My boyf just surprised me with that hat, too! I am in love with it, and have spent the last hour mentally matching it up to different outfits!

    Loving your brogues too, you have a great look.

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