Another post from the Home Inspiration series I’ve been doing. Only one more to go after this which will be the bathroom, though I’m thinking of doing a ‘Decor’ one just in general showing furniture and accessories I like, so let me know if you want to see that too! The bedroom is actually the room I haven’t thought that much about. I think its because that’s the only room I have to do what I want with for the moment, so the prospect of having the rest of a whole house to furnish and style is more interesting to me. I like the feel of my room at the minute (room tour here) so I’d probably stick with something along those lines, but go for neutral walls and just tone it down a little.

I love the whole ditsy print/floral/vintage/pastels/shabby chic thing, but it’s so overdone at the minute, so I’d try to modernise it a little with contemporary industrial style furniture. For example I love my clothes rail, but I’d go for something a lot bigger and modern rather than having a wardrobe. I’d still overload my bed with cushions, and one thing I’ve wanted for a while is a set of Scrabble cushions, either to spell out ‘BED’ or ‘SLEEP’ rather than the generic ‘LOVE’. I can imagine the room having white walls, white furniture then pastel bedding and cushions in clashing prints.

I’ve put together a few things to create the look for the bedroom, and as usual all the above pictures are pinned on my Pinterest Home Inspiration board if you’d like to know their source or see them in a bigger size. I kind of forgot to put a numer 11 in the below image but only noticed when I uploaded it on here so please ignore me for being a little bit stupid! 

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Are any of you looking for a house of your own? How would you decorate your bedroom? What do you think of my ideas?

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  1. Ooh I love posts like this – I like your ideas! Sounds so sad but I'm only 17 and I already plan what I'd like rooms in my house to look like haha! x


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