I’m going to be honest here and say I’m massively jealous of everyone who has been lucky enough to go to London Fashion Week! There have been so many good shows this season, and I’ve surprisingly really liked loads of them. Normally only two or three catch my eye, but this time round I’ve been spoilt for choice. Here are some of my favourites from the start of the week.

House Of Holland: 

This collection was a huge clash of colours as usual for House of Holland. I loved the youthful shades of pink and purple mixed with the classic 40s cuts of dresses and foil-esque fabrics. I was surprised to see houndstooth making a comeback as I hated it last time round, but I think it really works in this collection.


I’m not usually that struck by PPQ’s collections, but I really loved this one. The clean colour palette and powerful shapes gave the right balance between ladylike and youthful, and I would wear so many pieces from the collection given the chance. My favourites were the dip dye dress (centre) and the grey handkerchief hem coat suit (far right). For some reason, maybe the look of the model, this outfit reminds me of something from Legally Blonde, when Elle becomes a fully fledged lawyer. Anyone else get that vibe, or is it jut me?! 


Always a favourite of mine, Mulberry did not disappoint. I loved the cinched in waist and feminine shapes, in autumnal tones that had been amped up for plenty of eye popping colour. The prints were beautiful and busy without being too garish, and of course the bags were equally gorgeous. I wasn’t keen on the ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ style fur coats, but that’s just personal tate. Everything else was stunning.

Temperley London:
This folk come Russian inspired collection was another favourite of mine. I really liked the floral print that ran throughout in different colour ways, especially on the sheer black gown where the flowers were simple silhouettes on the body. I loved the simple cream dress (centre) with its delicately embellished bodice and gathered waist, and the gold foil skirts teamed with sheer long sleeves had a regal feel about them.

Topshop Unique:

Since the animal heads and backcombed hair of A/W 2010, I’m always excited to see what good old Topshop come up with next, but if you were expecting something as outlandish as two years ago, think again. I found myself a little underwhelmed by the lack of fun and creativity. However, it was a really nice collection with some strong pieces throughout. I really liked the dirty shades of leather (taupe and khaki) that take this years black to a new level, and I loved the shapes of the trousers. The collection on a whole gave off a relaxing vibe with a nod to grunge and military, but I feel it could have been a lot better!

All images from Style.com

What do you think about these collections? Do you share the same views as me or do you completely disagree? Tomorrow I’ll be showing another five of my favourites from the week so far, including Vivienne Westwood, Louise Gray and Felder Felder.


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