Sorry for being MIA the past few days! Didn’t really want that to happen after posting so consistently whilst I was off, but I was straight back in at work and I’m doing a ten day stretch. I was even in this morning for a stocktake at 6.30am, a time I rarely see. I did plan on doing an outfit post this afternoon but ended up staying in my joggers all day and slept most of the afternoon. I took to Twitter for post suggestions as I still wanted to post as I have a few hours on my hands tonight, and Becca suggested a wishlist. To be honest I don’t know why I haven’t done these sooner. If you’ve been with me since the beginning on here you will remember ‘Three For Thursday’ which was sort of a wishlist, and I loved doing those, so I’m going to try and do this each weekend. Thanks Becca for inspiring me, haha!

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#1: I’ve been after a plum lipstick for a while now, and I did pick one up in Boots the other day but it’s a little too dark for me (Starry Eyed by Rimmel). I want something with a bit more of a pink tone and the Topshop one looks just about right. Can anyone recommend any others? 

#2: After reading Jen’s post on Blogger Cliches (really interesting post – go check it out!) I feel like a massive cliche myself posting this, but I love Peter Pan collars! I’ve wanted a necklace collar for a while but never spotted one that I really liked until I came across this one. It would look cute over a simple tee tucked into some high waist skinnies to dress them up a little.

#3 + #4: You will have seen my trusty Primark heels like these that I have in navy and nude crop up many a time in outfit posts on here, purely because they are the comfiest heels I own. I always wish I had bought more of the colours, and now H&M have brought some almost exactly the same out. They have this gorgeous cobalt blu and jade green, plus a hot pink and classic nude and black. I might have just gone and ordered the blue. Just maybe. Possibly.

#5: I’m really loving Warehouse at the minute, and have my eye on so many things at work. This blouse is so wrong it’s right. Neon and florals on one garment should be a disaster on paper, but I love this. I think it works because the print is black and white, and I just love the shade of yellow. I really like all the graphic floral prints coming through for Spring. I’d team this with some black skinnies and heels in a contrasting colour.

#6: I’ve been on the hunt for some shorts like this but in black and white rather than blue, so if anyone knows of any please give me a shout! I do love the blue, but I feel like they would be more suited to bare legs, whereas the black would look great with opaque tights. 

#7: After buying my trusty Topshop Jersey Midi the other week, what to Dorothy Perkins go and do? Bring out their own at a fraction of the price! Mine cost £34 but I did get staff discount so can’t complain. It has been repriced now though down to £29 if anyone is interested. I know a lot of people commented saying they were unsure whether to buy! The Dorothy Perkins one comes in this blue and a dark grey which are both lovely and only £19.50!

#8: Another Warehouse number. I’ve had my eye on this since it came into work. The price tag is out of my range at the minute at £70, so I’m waiting and hoping it will soon be reduced. It’s so beautiful though. You can’t see very well in the image but the skirt has really fine pleats running through it. I’d dress this down for daytime with wedges and a denim jacket in Summer.

What’s on your wishlists this week? Link me to yours, I love reading these posts! 

PS. I’ll be posting a giveaway tomorrow evening so check back for that!!



12 responses to “WEEKEND WISHLIST #1”

  1. Bri says:

    I have beguiled lipstick from topshop its lovely, think it might be a bit darker than hazard though?! I saw Newlook have also brought a a copy of the grey tshirt midi dress! xx

  2. Josie says:

    Great wishlist! I love that Warehouse dress, I never go in there but they seem to have some lovely things at the moment. xx

  3. ohhh love that yellow blouse x

  4. Emily says:

    I'm lusting after the DP dress as well 🙂 Collars are pretty cliché but they can look amazing. I think the one you posted would look awesome the way you said you would style it.

  5. molly says:

    I would wear everything on your wish list. I love the collar its so pretty and delicate looking and the Warehouse dress is just amazing 🙂


  6. Reverie says:

    Love the two dresses, I'm definitely falling for longer dresses recently xxx

  7. Ellie says:

    ooooh i love those shorts!! I really love the topshop lipsticks, they are so lovely xoxo

  8. alliejayne says:

    I recently got Rebel from Mac which is a gorgeous plum colour. Little bit more expensive that Topshop but the texture and colour make it worth it.
    Nice picks too, love that jersey midi but I just don't know if I could pull it off…might have to make a pilgrimage to DP to try it on!



  9. Beth says:

    love the warehouse blouse so much!X

  10. Lidiya says:

    Numbers 1,5 and 8 are perfection; I feel like I'm in love <3

  11. Jessica says:

    I have hazard by topshop and I really like the shade of red it gives. I wouldn't say it is plum though 🙂 xx


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