This week’s wishlist is a bit smaller than my last two, which is strange for me as it’s pay weekend and there are normally a million things I’m lusting after. All my spare money this month though has gone on buying things to start my little jewellery making and selling business! A few bits arrived today which was so exciting. I can’t wait to get everything else so I can start making and get the shop up and running! Keep checking back here for a launch date, or keep an eye on my Twitter (@c_sittingpretty) for any news!

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#1: This gorgeous collared top would be perfect with pretty much anything! I’d wear it with either high waisted city shorts or maxi skirt in summer.

#2: I’m so impressed with River Island lately, and I’ve seen a few things in this print pop up on a couple of blogs. I was really surprised to find it was a River Island print as that’s not something they tend to do. I love the shape of these little culottes and would wear them so much all year round.
#3 + #4: This dress caught eye on the Oasis website and I couldn’t decide which colour to show you, so I’m showing you both! I’d wear the blue with silver jewellery and my cobalt blue H&M heels, and I’d wear the pink with gold jewellery, wooden heeled sandals and some little frilly ankle socks!
#5: I’m still clinging on to my winter woolies even though the sun has (finally) started to peep out, and this is such a lovely little knit! I love the sleeve length and the marl texture. Perfect on a lazy day with skinnies and little flats.
#6: I’m seeing cuffs everywhere at the minute and I want a piece of the action! I love when people wear one on each arm over something long sleeved so it looks part of the clothing. Definitely need to get me some of these!
#7: You all know how much I love short statement necklaces, especially tucked under a collar! I saw this one and fell in love with the shape. I haven’t seen one like this until now and I love it. Would make a great statement to a simple outfit.
#8: This is cheating because I’ve actually just ordered these! OMG the Urban Outfitters Panther Courts!!! I am in love. I’ve not shut up about them all week, and Dan spoilt me and got me them tonight. They’re the perfect daytime heel and I can’t wait to wear them. They will look great with jeans or a dress and tights. I love the orange version too but I wouldn’t get as much wear out of them as these.

I’m also starting something new where I’m going to share with you some of my favourite blogs every weekend. After reading Gemma’s post on sharing the love, I felt compelled to join in. We all promote ourselves but rarely promote our fellow bloggers, so from now on I will do my bit and share my favourite reads!

1. Gillian @ Elevatormusik
2. Ella @ Belle Vintage
3. Danni @ Ellieand
4. Clare @ Tweet
5. Vicky @ #GollyGosh

What are you loving this week? Have you bought anything on my wishlist?

P.S: Don’t forget my giveaway is still open! I’ve only had a few entries which is crazy as it’s such a fun competition and you can get yourselves a H&M voucher if you win! Go check it out now! Ends Tuesday!


  1. Ooh ooh ooh you are fab!!! I saw these shoes on someone's blog but couldn't find them anywhere!! Seriously thought they'd be more expensive but omg!! I'm so excited!xxx

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