A quick post to show you what I wore today. Didn’t really do all that much except nip to the supermarket and cook a scrummy lunch! I got this sleeveless shirt when I went scouring the charity shops on Thursday. It was £1.99 and originally from Boden, so will have no doubt cost a lot more than that when first bought! I love sleeveless shirts for Spring as they are so versatile. This looks great alone, worn under jumper or cardigans, or even under dresses for a hint of a collar popping out. The only bad thing about it, is it’s 100% linen, meaning a nightmare for creasing! I had only just ironed it about 30 minutes before taking these pictures, and it had already started to crease up again. So annoying! It’s lovely though, and the perfect fit, so I think I can forgive!

Shirt – Boden via Charity Shop

Trousers – H&M

Shoes – Primark

Necklace – Sitting Pretty Shop

Lips – Ravishing by MAC

Also wearing one of the necklaces from my shop! This is the ‘Bitten’ Gemstone tooth necklace, and they are limited in stock and won’t be made again in this colour. I made a lot of the items on quite a short chain like this one, so that they can be worn under a collar as it’s such a popular trend at the minute. I think the colour of the teeth compliments the shirt so well!

Also, I forgot to add in my five favourite blogs in last night’s wishlist post, so here they are!


1: Claire @ The Fashion Teller’s Notes

2: Vicki @ The Magpie Girl

3: Jen @ A Little Bird Told Me 

4: Jennie @ Sailboat

5: Emma Jade @ Oh Really


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