A bit of a different post than my usual, but I really wanted to throw this in there! Long time followers will know that another love of mine is make up, to the extent where I used to have a Youtube channel alongside the blog, reviewing make up products and doing ‘Face Of The Days’. I stopped it purely because it wasn’t very ‘me’ to sit and talk infront of the camera, and I never got comfortable doing it. I’d much rather watch the pros do it than attempt to start it up again! Nevertheless, I still am obsessed by all things make up and beauty, so another way to show you that is here on the blog. I’ll be trying to filter in the odd beauty based post just for something a little different, but it will still be a blog primarily based on fashion and outfits.

To start with I wanted to show you my lipstick collection. I was going to base this just on my MAC lipsticks, but I think it’s nice to see a wide variety of brands and price ranges than just high end. However, be warned, it is mainly MAC!

Top row l-r: Hue, Creme Cup, Fanfare, Please Me, Ravishing, Lovelorn.

Bottom row l-r: Viva Glam Gaga, Saint Germain, Chatterbox, Impassioned, Lady Danger.
All from MAC.

MAC lipsticks are my all time favourites. I love all the finishes and the smell is really pleasant. They don’t dry my lips out at all, even the matte ones and the colours always seem to be really true on the lips to how they look in the bullet. You can see that some are used a lot more than others, and a couple I need to repurchase. I did also have Shy Girl but it’s gone missing – sad times! My favourite is Impassioned, the bright hot pink, but being so bright I rarely get to wear it. Next on my list are Vegas Volt,  Speed Dial and Girl About Town. Also want to get my mitts on Viva Glam Nicki at the end of the month when I have funds!

Top row l-r: Laura Mercier Tangerine, Natural Collection Raspberry, Calvin Klein Heatwave, Chanel Rouge Coco 31 Cambon, Laura Mercier Cherrywood, Rimmel Starry-Eyed.

Bottom row l-r: Natural Collection Apple Blossom, 17 Mirror Shine Beehive. Natural Collection Pink Mallow, ELF Nicely Nude, Rimmel Pink Blush, Topshop Ohh La La.

As you can see the rest are a right random mix of brands! I have everything from the £1.99 Natural Collection at Boots to the rather expensive Chanel. My favourites here are the Chanel lipstick because it is so luxurious and lovely to apply, and Topshop’s Ohh La La as it is my go to colour for Summer. I really love the formula for the Topshop lipsticks, and I really want to get a few more colours. I honestly really like the formula and application of every one of these brands. I prefer some of the colours to others, obviously, and some have better colour pay off (Laura Mercier, Rimmel, Topshop) but I would recommend any of them for whatever budget you have. In particular I’d really recommend NAtural Collection if you have a low budget, because for only £1.99 they are really good, although the colours aren’t quite as strong as I would prefer them to be.

What are your favourite lipstick brands at the minute?

PS. I now have rings stocked in my shop


  1. You have amazing lip collection, you will love Speed Dail such a gorgeous colour. We have very similar taste when it's comes to lipsticks. I love Topshop&Mac lipstick they are the best so far. I have also two YSL lipsticks, they are amazing. I really want to try out Chanel lipstick. x

  2. Ah I like thrown in beauty posts, I do love me a good lipstick! And to be honest you've read the part of my mind saved only for lipsticks in the first picture, I'm always drawn towards pinky shades so would wear EVERYONE of these. Plus my cremecup is starting to disappear on me too!


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