If all goes to plan this should schedule whilst I’m at work! I’m on the late shift tonight so decided to plan ahead and get organised by writing this in advance. I’m trying to do this feature a bit more often as I think it’s a great way to show brands I’ve discovered and share them with you all, though I won’t be able to do this every week! This time round I’m talking about a really great brand I recently found out about called Gwynedds

Gwynedds is a German based brand that launched in 2007, and has now arrived in the UK with it’s gorgeous, laid back Spring/Summer collection. Their philosophy is that fashion doesn’t have to be complicated, and this comes out in their pieces – fashionable basics with a youthful edge, inspired by the comfy clothes we wore as children. Pretty pastels, relaxed layering and versatile shapes make up their new collection, perfect for the summer time. This is the kind of clothing I would wear as loungewear, or to wear on a flight, for example. It just looks so easy to wear and comfortable. 

The grey dress in the above image would be great for summer holidays with some gladiator sandals to keep you cool in the heat, and I love all the bright colours. Below are a couple of images from the lookbook. I love the first image and the layering of colours. A great idea for the pastel trend, and again, versatile and easy to wear. These are what I’d class as essential pieces that could fit into any wardrobe and be dressed up or down. 

Watch this space! I predict big things for Gwynedds in the UK, and will definitely keep them in mind next time I’m shopping for a holiday wardrobe, (which sadly won’t be this year, sad face) or looking to buy some new loungewear. I love their ideas and their branding, and think they will do really well over here. They will be available as of this month in the UK and Ireland in selected stores and small boutiques, so keep your eyes peeled for stockists! 

PS. My giveaway closes at midnight tonight, so get your entries in if you haven’t already!

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