Second day with a new hair colour and still not getting used to it! I kep catching sight of myself in mirrors and windows and being a bit shocked as I keep forgetting I’ve had it done. I’m finding it really difficult to chose what to wear as a lot of my bright clothes are clashing slightly with the colour, which is a bit of a pain! Any followers out there with a similar hair colour have/had this problem?! I’ve noticed also that it’s photographing very vivid in colour against my white door where I take my photos, so I’m having another shock when I see the images on screen. Really can’t get used to it at the minute! I’m wearing a Primark dress I got in a blog sale a few weeks back, over my favourite H&M blouse. The weather today as I’m sure most of you know is atrocious, so tights and boots seemed like the only option!

Dress – Primark via Blogsale
Blouse – H&M
Tights – Primark
Boots – Topshop
Ring – H&M
Lips – Hue by MAC
Nails – Sweet Kisses by 17

In other news, I still haven’t got a replacement iMac, but should have one in the next couple of days if all goes smoothly, so I still won’t be around as much as usual. Blogging from a PC is killing me. Constantly crashing, not responding and being as slow as a snail is not ideal, so please bear with me until I am back up and running properly! I’m really missing doing my wishlists and Sitting Prety Styles posts!

Finally, I have a 20% off code running until midnight tonight for all orders in the jewellery shop. Just use code PAYDAY20 at the checkout to grab yourself a bargain. The rings and cross necklaces are selling fast!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.


  1. Thats the one thing I always notice when changing my hair is I find it hard to get dressed, always feel like my hair clashes with my outfits! My hair is a similar colour but only at the ends, I plan to get to a proper blonde soon!

    joanne from

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