So the day arrived. Today I went to the salon and got my hair fully dyed for the first time. I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I had decided to take the plunge after dreaming of having white blonde hair for a few years now, and I can safely safe I am firmy on my way to my dream shade. My hairdresser, a friend’s sister, talked me through the options, and although I could have gone to my desired colour straight away (with the help of a lot of bleach) it wasn’t the best thing for my hair, so instead we are taking it a step at a time, and the lightest dye before bleach was used all over to take my hair to this colour. A little bleach was applied to the ends and worked through upwards to create a slightly lighter effect towards the tip, sort of like a very subtle ombre, but not enough to cause any damage. A toner was run through to lighten the colour, and after a wash, long needed cut and blow dry, here is the end result.

As you can see it’s got a hint of strawberry blonde at the minute, but it is geting there! It’s a massive shock to the system now and I’m having to rethink my whole make up routine just to compliment the colour as pink blush and lipstick is a bit of a clash at the moment. You can see particulalry in the last picture the effect the bleach has had though, creating paler highlights and slightly lighter tips. I like it a lot, but it’s going to take me a lot of getting used to!

I picked up some Redken shampoo and conditioner too to keep it healthy and moisturised after hearing numerous horror stories about certain shampoos turning blondes purple etc, and I’m looking forward to washing it and styling it myself in a couple of days when I’m more used to the colour.

So, what do you all think?!


  1. ahh it looks lovely! I just went from turquoise and black to a blonde-ish last week and i'm still getting used to it! I want to be white blonde too but it's going to take me a while! x

  2. hello, I'm not a blogger, so forgive the anon comment, but just wanted to pass on some of the tips I've used to keep my hair from going too strawberry blonde – it's a nightmare as my natural hair seems to have warm tones, but while I don't suit white white hair and I don't like it looking too yellow either. I ask for the most ash tones I can – I find actually really light ash lowlights can contribute to the light blonde, and when I first get it dyed I regularly tone it to stop it appearing brashy – I wouldn't do this at home for the first time – but my hairdresser used to use a silver/grey toner on my blonde (I know it sounds crazy!) – but it worked a treat. good luck on the hair journey, it'll all be worth it when you've got the colour you really want 🙂 x

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