Just a quick post tonight on my daily make up routine. Since I’ve not been feeling well I haven’t wanted to post any outfits as my face looks disgraceful, so I thought I would do a sort of ‘filler’ post, but it’s one I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I get asked a lot about what products I use make-up wise, so I thought I’d show you what I use on a daily basis. I always thought I used a lot of make up, but when I actually laid it all out there wasn’t as much as I expected. There a couple of blushes and a few lipsticks that I swap between, so obviously his wouldn’t all be on my face at once!

Boots Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser  – Natural

Collection 200 Lasting Perfection Concealer – Light 2 (I think that’s what it’s called – writing has rubbed off!)

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural – Medium

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish – Stereo Rose

Boots No7 Natural Blush – 22 Candy Pink

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow- Malted 28

Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara – 003 Extreme Black

MAC Lipstick in Chatterbox (Top)

MAC Lipstick in Ravishing (Left)

MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam Gaga (Bottom)

Topshop Lipstick in Ohh La La (Right)

Pretty easy to work out what I do with everything, but I’ll go through my routine briefly! I start off by buffing the Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser into my skin with a stippling style foundation brush, then I apply the Collection 2000 Concealer under my eyes and over any blemishes. I set everything with a light dusting of my MSF Natural on a fluffy powder brush, focusing mainly on my T Zone. I then apply some blush to the apple of my cheeks, either MSF in Stereo Rose, or my No 7 blush in Candy Pink. My lipstick depends on the colour of my cheeks, so if I used Stereo Rose, which is more of a coral tone I tend to go for a coral, red or peach, which would usually be MAC’s Ravishing or Topshop’s Ooh La La. If I was to wear the pink blush then I would wear a pink lipstick, usually something like Chatterbox or Viva Glam Gaga, both by MAC. Obviously I wear other lipsticks, but these are my current ‘go to’ ones for every day. To finish off I apply a couple of strokes of mascara, and fill in my brows with the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow using an angled brush. If you want to see what brushes I use, I did a whole post on them here

In other news, if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen me going on about getting my hair dyed. I’ve only ever had highlights and never had a full head of colour before, so it’s a big deal for me to get it done. I’ve wanted to go a really light (almost white) blonde for a while now, and I feel like it’s time to take the plunge and do it. I feel stuck in a rut with my hair, and feel like the colour is so dull, so I would love a change. My ultimate hair crush is Fearne Cotton, and I would love to go her colour. I think she is a great example as her hair is a similar length to mine, and is styled in the same kind of way, plus she is also fair skinned like me. I’m hoping to get it done at the end of the month. So excited! If any of you have gone blonde and have any tips on upkeep and good products to use for keeping it in good condition, please let me know!

What do you think about getting my hair coloured? Do you use any of the products that I use? What make up do you swear by on a daily basis?


  1. I also use the collection 2000 concealer. I would always pay more for what i thought was a good concealer till i descovered this. For the price it is such a good concealer. I also love Msc blushers, eye shadows and lipsticks but at the moment im using urban decay naked palette, i don't know if you've ever used it. It has a lovely mixture of neutral tones with a couple of smokey greys, which are my favourites. If you havent tried it you should.

    Emma xx

  2. Can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm sort of living vicariously through you as I wrecked my hair being blonde (through my own fault, I didn't use heat protection and became obsessive with bleaching) and want to be bright again! I'd definitely recommend the Lee Stafford Hot Shots, use em once a month and it stops the yellowyness attacking : )


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