Whilst I try and fnd a way of getting back into blogging now that I have no iMac (sob!), here is a guest post from a great fashion brand I recently discovered, called Fever. They have some great vintage inspired pieces and some lovely items in their Spring/Summer collections. Here is an article about some of their workwear dresses amd some great tips for dressing in the work place (tips that would come in really handy if you were stuck on what to wear for an interview or for a new job!).

Work Dresses- the professional yet fashionable choice for any working women

It’s just so easy to go with the simple combination of jacket and trousers nowadays that we forget that there are other work looks to discover which can suit the individual best.

The images above and below of work dresses are all very colourful and stylish, however how do you know which one is the right one for you? I’m going to give you some top tips that I’ve gathered from experience and from others’ advice which will help you make the right choice, so that you will be left with a stunning dress that will have your fellow office workers wonder whatever happened to that boring old suit.

– You should always dress to impress clients, investors and customers, however don’t go overboard. Someone coming up to you with an outfit that looks designed for them, is more professional than someone who has just thrown on the brightest dress merely for the sake of standing out.

– If your business attire is too distracting then your fellow workers and potential clients will not be focusing on your works skills and accomplishments, rather just what you look like. Thus, be careful with vintage dresses and summer dresses to not get too quirky or reveal too much.

– Demonstrating that you care about your appearance in an important meeting communicates to others in the meeting that they are important clients.

– Paying close attention to your business attire’s details delivers a message to others that you are also well-skilled in paying attention to your business overall, whether this be in regards to customers and clients or other employees.

– Make sure the dress suits your body shape and hair colour. (A dress with baggy sleeves won’t suit a small shouldered woman, whereas a nice green or red dress will suit blondes.)

– Match your accessories and shoes to your dress, not the other way round.

– If in doubt, remember black mostly matches with anything, but if your skin is naturally quite pale remember black will just drown you and give you that ghostly look.

– Always seek a second opinion from someone who you regularly shop with, because sometimes we can be blinded by what looks really nice on the hanger even if it doesn’t always suit our body shape well.

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