So, last night I came home to find my iMac was not working as you may have seen on Twitter. Dan spent all night and all this afternoon trying to revive it in various ways, but no such luck. It seems like my beloved computer is no more. I didn’t think this would be such a big problem for me, until I think about just how much I use it, and how much I have potentially lost in the way of photos etc. it’s going to cause big problems blogging, as I no longer have the facilities to edit photos or create certain posts, but I have an iPad (which I’m using to write this) and I can use my dads PC, but neither are ideal. I have a guest post lined up that I will try to get up tonight or tomorrow, and I will try to blog other things as much as possible. However, they won’t be as often as they have been. Please do bear with me whilst I try to find a solution. Hopefully this won’t last too long!


  1. You should go to an Apple Store if there is one near you, they are really helpful and usually fix things within a few days if not on the spot.

  2. Do you have applecare? My imac literally blew up once and I was devestated, they came and collected it and I had it back under a week later, turned out something inside had burnt out, which they replaces and no data had been lost at all. Something like that may have happened while you were out. Hope you get it sorted out anyway lovely!!

  3. Sadly not šŸ™ it appears to have crashed and won't reboot. Dan works wIth computers and knows all the tricks in the book to revive them but no such luck. It looks like the hard drive has failed šŸ™ will be expensive to replace so hoping to get a new one next week and sell mine on eBay for parts!

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