I found a way of doing outfit posts on my Dad’s computer, so I can actually blog this weekend! I tried a million ways of editing and cropping the pictures, but in the end I downloaded Gimp and used that instead. It’s no Photoshop and it took me forever to work out how to use it, but it does the job for the time being. Like I said in my last post, the quality of images may not be up to the usual standard. The PC screen is awful and old and everyone looks blurry and odd on it!

This weekend I am off work for the first time in a while, which is lovely. This morning my mum and I went to the supermarket to get ingredients for Red Velvet cakes. They’ve just come out of the oven now. Can’t wait to decorate them, and more importantly eat one (or two, or three…). This is what I’m wearing today. I decided to wear another of my Ellos items that I was kindly sent. I love this jumper, and was a little dubious about the colours at first, but I think I can get away with the brightness.

Jumper – c/o Ellos

Blouse – Affleck’s Palace Manchester

Trousers – H&M

Necklace – Primark

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Lips – Viva Glam Nicki by MAC

I got these shoes from where I work the other day. You must all know by now that I love this kind of heel for daytime. Not too high and not too low, just right! I seem to be building up quite a collection, with these, blue, nude and navy! They were in the sale for £15 from Dorothy Perkins so I had to snap them up.

That’s all from me today. I’ll be back tomorrow with another outfit post and maybe some pictures of the cakes if I remember! Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend.


  1. The jumpers lovely and bright! Your photo's look perfect, I often use to edit mine its the easiest online tool I've used anyway! Hope you got to watch the voice after last night, thats where I've been watching it from Oz!

    joanne from

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