I’m a bit out of sync this week with blog posts, what with being under the weather and my dad’s birthday yesterday. This should have been posted last night but we had family round for tea so it completely slipped my mind. You may get another post later this evening too as I have taken some outfit photos today.

This wishlist is a little different to normal, as today it is all from H&M! During the week I basically keep a folder of bookmarks of any items that catch my eye as potential items to make it onto that weekend’s wishlist. This week I didn’t need to, after finding my way onto the H&M website and getting a glimpse of their latest collections. It’s very rare that a collection comes out and I like every piece. Usually there are a few items that I don’t ‘get’ or just wouldn’t see myself wearing, but H&M’s Summer collection has knocked my socks off! Most of the items are from their Conscious Collection, their environmentally friendly range designed to support a more sustainable future. There are a few other items thrown in also, that are from the normal range. Last year’s Conscious Collection was all white, with a lot of crochet and broderie anglais, which is nice, but I found it a bit plain and boring, so I was completely surprised to see the bright busy pieces this one has to offer.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

As you can see it’s all very ‘me’ with the gorgeous floral prints and dreamy color palette. I love how every piece is really versatile too, in the way that they could easily be dressed up or down, and mixed and matched with other pieces. You could clash different prints together, or wear a top and shorts together of the same print for a two piece effect. I also love the accessories, particular the peach droplet style necklace that could make a simple outfit so much more interesting. What’s even better is the prices. Everything is really affordable, ranging from around £7 up to £20 for most items, meaning they won’t break the bank. I’m hoping to get a couple of the T-shirts and that gorgeous necklace come payday, if there’s any left by then! I can see these flying out! 

What do you think of this collection? Will you be buying anything from it?

My five to follow this week are:
1. Claire @ Jazzpad
2. Lyzi @ Being Little 
3. Gem @ Gem Fatale 
4. Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess



  1. I very nearly bought the nude patent clutch yesterday, it's so gorgeous! But I resent buying anything in H&M since I stopped working there, it seems so much more expensive without staff discount haha x

  2. Oh my gosh, #4 is beautiful!
    The colour palette is dreamy, indeed.
    I can definitely see these flying off the shelves too. Hope you manage to purchase some in time!
    Hopefully, I'll get my hands on that tee.

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