Still without my computer, hence the lack of posts lately! I should, fingers crossed, have a new one by the weekend, so regular posting wil hopefully resume on Saturday, just in time for you all to see my hair! I’ve booked in to get my hair dyed blonde like I was contemplating, so I will officially be going blonde on Saturday. I can’t wait, but I’m a bit nervous at the same time. I’ll be back on Saturday with an outfit post featuring my new do!

New GHD Scarlet gift set that I won over at Lola Lola (Let me know if you’d like to see a review!) | Red Velvet Cakes a la Hummingbird Bakery | Bubble bath | Rings from my shop and a holiday in Rhodes | My last blog post | Toby hoping he gets some of my food | Up at 2.30am having a coughing fit. Had to go sleep on the sofa so Dan could sleep! | Hit 1k on Twitter! | Packing jewellery orders | Galaxy <3 | Addicted to Logos Quiz on iPhone. Hury up new levels! | Grey & glitter nails using 17 Chaperone and Rimmel Disco Ball.

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