As you may have seen in my outfit post yesterday, I caved and bought a couple of Essie nail polishes from the new diffusion line in Boots. I’ve never tried Essie polishes before but have heard a lot of good things about them from beauty bloggers and youtube gurus, so was really keen to try them out after spotting them amongst the other make up concessions in my local Boots store. There is a huge array of colours available, which I was quite surprised about, but this was the first I picked up. Lapiz of Luxury is what I’d describe as a pastel, almost lilac toned blue. I also got a pale coral called Tart Deco, which I am currently wearing on my toes!

Essie – 94 Lapiz Of Luxury – £7.99 at Boots

I’m really impressed with the formula, and have had this colour on my finger nails for a good two days no with no sign of chipping whatsoever. Even after washing the pots and other mundane activities that normally take toll on painted nails, these are still looking as good as they did when they were freshly done. To get this colour and coverage I needed two coats, as the first was a little see through and a tad streaky, but the overall finish is really nice and opaque with a shiny, smooth look. The brushes are also great as they are wider than your usual nail polish, so they make application a little quicker and easier. I really love the coverage of Tart Deco too, as it has a similar finish and the colour is really bright and fun.

Over all, I would definitely recommend this. I wouldn’t let the £7.99 price tag put you off either. Even though they are more expensive than the average drugstore nail polish, they are great quality and completely worth every penny in my eyes. I can’t wait to get paid this weekend so I can treat myself to a couple more! 

Have you tried any of these Essie polishes?


  1. Ooooh this colour is beautiful. My favourite nail polish ever is BMX Bandit by Collection 2000 – it looks pretty identical to this Essie beaut! The formula is below average, so would be intersting to upgrade it to this
    It would be mine

  2. i love the essie diffusion line i have polishes from both this and the normal essie collection but the diffusion line is much better 🙂 i love lapis of luxury too and have mint candy apple as well which is lovely but i really want tarte deco and splash of grenadine 🙂 they have fast overtaken topshop as my fave nail varnishes, i personally think £7.99 is a fair amount for the quality of them 🙂

    eloise xxx

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