So it is a nearly a week ago since I took the plunge and went over to the blonde side, and I am starting to feel like me again. At first I had a lot of doubts after getting it done, thinking that it didn’t suit me as it was such a drastic change. Now though,  I have have got used to the colour, and with the help of some of the famous purple shampoo have toned it down slightly. You see, this isn’t my desired colour as I have said. I’m wanting to go a lot lighter, but it is getting done in stages so not to ruin my hair. That’s probably another reason why I wasn’t so sure about the colour in the first couple of days as it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but instead halfway there. Before it was done, my hairdresser said the colour would be quite warm this time round due to the lack of bleach being used, and she recommended to use a purple shampoo to take away any brassiness. From the first few photos of my new hair, you could see a slight strawberry blonde, almost red tint to it, which I wasn’t expecting at first but I now understand why this has happened (my natural hair colour was fairly dark, and a very light dye was used). So, to cut a long story short, I searched on the internet for some recommendations, and decided to buy the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo and Conditioner.

‘Specifically for colour-treated blondes. Dual-action formula with styling polymers and a violet technology tones down brassiness to brighten blonde while thickening to create volume and fullness. With UV filter.’

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo (£5.89), Conditioner (£5.89) and Mousse (£5.59) – All from Boots

The products were on offer in Boots at two for £7.50 (they still are!), so I decided to pick up the mousse from the range too for styling. I’ve used all the products for 3 washes, the time it says for results to appear visible, and so far I’m really impressed. My hair was ever so slightly lighter after just one wash and after two almost all signs of redness had disappeared. After the third my hair is visibly lighter and more blonde than strawberry, and I think this is one of the reasons why I feel a lot more comfortable in my new hair colour. I’ve had comments from friends and family saying that the colour is now lighter and more natural, so I’m really happy with the results, even though they aren’t very drastic.

Left, before and right, after 3 washes

As you can see from the photos, the change isn’t huge, but there is definitely less brassiness or red tones, so I am pleased to say it does what it says on the tin! To use the products, I rinse my hair and massage a pound coin sized amount of shampoo all over. I then leave it in for 2-3 minutes (apparently if you leave it in too long it can turn your hair purple!) then rinse it out. I then use the conditioner at the ends of my hair then comb through any excess, leave for a minute or so then rinse thoroughly. Just like using your normal shampoo and conditioner but leaving in a little more than you would usually I guess! I towel dry my hair and then apply the mousse to the roots for volume before drying. 

I have been told that regular use of the purple shampoo can dry out your hair and damage it, so now that I’m happy with the colour I’m going to use it for every other wash, and use some Redken moisturising shampoo and conditioner in between to keep it healthy. 

Have you used ever used this range?



  1. Wow I think thats an amazing difference. I usually think these types of products are all talk and no action but this is amazing! Definitely going to invest in some of this xx :o)

  2. I've got some of this to try soon. Try the herbal Blonde Toners by Proclere, there fab. Come in four shades of blonde and can get from Ebay or the Proclere website. ( Formerly Born Blonde ) x

    Well, for me it is!
    And I hope if I get any brassiness, this conditioner works for me too.
    I'm quite afraid my hair is dry and this will dry it even more…

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