Evening all! Today I went out and picked up some things I had my eyes on in the Topshop sale, and I wanted to quickly show you what I got! I work in a store that houses a Topshop department, and lately I’ve always felt a little disappointed with the sales when they come around. The mark downs never seem to be as good as I had hoped, and the stock always seems to be a bit hit and miss. However, I was pleasantly surprised this time, to see item after item that I liked, and most of all, have wanted for some time. I don’t normally splash out too much on clothes in ‘hauls’ like this, but I decided I wanted to treat myself!

Tiger Print Vest – was £20, now £10

Coral Fine Knit Jumper – was £26, now £15

Purse – was £16, now £8

Polka Dot Trousers – was £38, now £25

Dip Hem Blouse – was £32, now £15

Floral Playsuit – was £48, then £15, now £10 (!!!)

The only item I can still find in stock online is the trousers in the tall range, which I have linked above for you if anyone is interested! I brought it all home and tried it on, expecting half of it not to fit, as I find Topshop’s sizes to vary from piece to piece, but I’m happy to report that everything is perfect! 

I’m looking forward to wearing all of these, especially during my week off work this week. Expect to see these popping up in outfit posts over the next few days!

Have you got yourself anything from the Topshop Sale? What do you think of my purchases?


12 responses to “TOPSHOP SALE HAUL”

  1. LOVE the polka dot trousers, I eyed them up for so long. And the white shirt is just stunning, could be amazing to style so many different ways (which of course I look forward to seeing)

  2. Ooh, these are quite good mark downs for Topshop, I love the dipped hem blouse and the coral jumper, can't wait to see them in outfit posts 🙂

    Frances xx

  3. Love all your buys! I bought a pair of striped shorts, a floral skirt, a navy dress, a necklace and a bracelet…it's such a good sale!

  4. Karys M says:

    Love the dip hem blouse and purse 🙂 You got some great bargains!

    Karys x

  5. T.Rose says:

    I do like a good topshop sale, although sometimes i don't have the best of luck in finding things i like and in the right size. However it looks like you did really well, you got some lovely things 🙂 Really like the coral knit and dip hem blouse! x

  6. Sarah says:

    lovee the polka dot trousers!

  7. karen joanne says:

    Oh wow, didn't you do well! I've been thinking about buying those polka dot trousers for a while, will have to get to the sale!

    karen joanne xx

  8. I'm in love with the Coral Fine Knit Jumper want want want! x

  9. RCagz says:

    Haven't managed to get down to the sale myself, but I always love picking up their jewellery on the cheap.
    That playsuit is such a bargain though! xoxo

  10. Rachel. says:

    You got some lovely stuff, my local topshop sale isn't that great! I love the playsuit and the jumper! xo

  11. What a bargain for the floral playsuit! 🙂

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