Praying the weather will get better | Nigella’s Eggy Doughnut Bread | Wearing my Winter coat again – not impressed | Jumped on the Fifty Shades bandwagon | Topshop sale haul | Greggs Gingerbread Man rockin’ pastels SS12 | Gorgeous packaging from Timothy Roe | Beautiful ring c/o Timothy Roe | Coral and mint | Cheesy bedd nachos | Food shopping like a grown up | Finished all three Fifty Shades books in record time – please let there be more! | MAC goodies (MSF in Medium & Lipstick in Chatterbox) | Toby had a haircut! | Me and my Mister | Watermelon for breakfast.

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5 responses to “WEEKLY SNAPSHOT #13”

  1. Nabzz says:

    Aww, Toby looks so cute!

  2. Dionne says:

    How cute is toby! I'm currently reading the first 50 shades book and i'm loving it! Tell me books two and three are just as good!

  3. karen joanne says:

    Your topshop haul looks lovely, as does Toby-very cute!


  4. I really enjoy your blog, i follow it and look forward to your posts…
    Ive just restarted my blog, but im hoping it will grow.
    If youd like to and have the chance… heres the link


    Emma xx

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