Today has been such a lovely chilled out day off. I don’t usually have Saturday’s off – oh the joys of retail! – so it made a nice change to sleep in and do something different. I spent the day with my niece, starting off with a little shopping trip, then back home to bake some yummy cakes that I spied on Olivia’s blog. Dan gave me some money to get this dress that I’ve been drooling over for weeks. There was one left in my size online, but I missed out on it literally by seconds, as it had sold out by the time I got to the checkout. I decided to use the money to get something for a job interview I have next week, so picked up these gorgeous straight leg check trousers to wear with a blouse. I couldn’t resist this moustache top either, so I got that too!

T Shirt – American Apparel
Skirt – COW Vintage
Converse – Zalando*
Lips – Chanel Coco Rouge Cambon 31

For today’s little venture I wore my initial tee from American Apparel. I love the simplicity of it and the fact it will go with so many things. I think it goes really well with my floral vintage skirt as a contrast. I did originally have some black tights and Chelsea boots on when I went out this morning, but I took them off just before taking these photos as it got ridiculously humid this afternoon. The weather is really bugging me at the minute. I never know what to wear!

I’m off to spend the night stuffing myself silly and watching the X Factor! Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!

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5 responses to “A,B,C”

  1. You look amazing, I've always wanted one of those AA tees 🙂 The lippie looks stunning on you too. Glad that you've had a good day off! x

  2. Really like your t shirt 🙂 I used to work Saturday's so know exactly where you're coming from, a nice day off is definitely deserved!



  3. Alexa says:

    love your skirt <3 looking gorgeous as always

    Alexa <3

  4. Claire says:

    I have the same tee as you! I've worn it so many times/washed it so many times the C's are starting to fade and it's become so lovely and soft – gotta love American Apparel's quality, they are brilliant.


  5. alliejayne says:

    This is such a great casual outfit. Love it.



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