I’m not normally one to blog about this kind of thing, but when I was sent an email about fashion brand Vila and their new Confidence Campaign, I was on board from the word go. I myself have been, and still am in some ways, quite a shy person. Back in school I was pretty quiet and let others have the limelight, partly because I didn’t like the way I looked. Even though I was doing well, I hated being there and couldn’t wait to get away. Since I got in to fashion and started going to college, making friends with like minded people and doing something I really enjoyed, I came out of my shell and found my passion, so to speak. Mega cheesy, I know. Then going to uni and starting this blog was when I think I realised who I was, what I wanted to achieve and since then my confidence has grown. I guess it’s all about growing up, accepting who you are and making the most of it. 

Vila Campaign Video – ‘Confidence Is Not For Sale’

The main thing for me was my appearance. I hated my pale skin, hated my dull hair, hated the fact I had to wear glasses, the list goes on. Now I have found ways to make these things work for me, and for the first time in a long time I am happy with the way I look. If you saw a picture of me in High School, you would probably not believe it was the same person, but it is!
I’m sure my little story is not disimilar from many of your’s, and I’m sure everyone with have had confidence issues over something at some point in their life, whether something small or something huge, which is why I love Vila’s campaign and wanted to share it with you all.

I won’t go into the campaign in huge detail, as the video shows what it is all about better than words can, but basically Vila believe that confidence is the best asset someone can have, and that we should all embrace the feeling of confidence and believing in who we are. I think it’s great to see something like this in an industry that is usually so focused on image and perfection, and I am completely behind it. Not only do Vila make gorgeous clothes, they have a fresh way of thinking in the fashion industry too!

What do you think of the campaign? Have you got any stories about your own confidence?

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