So cold I had to wear a scarf | Bargain Winter coat, £15 reduced from £90 at Warehouse! | Said goodbye to my floral trousers when I sold them. Sad times! | Torrential downpour outside | Got my hair did | Gorgeous new shoes | Toby looking beautiful after his bath | Pom-Bears make me feel five again | Lunch time | Researching old Vogues | New Converse | Sleep in rollers. May review! 

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6 responses to “WEEKLY SNAPSHOT #17”

  1. Ella says:

    Oh my goodness Im desperate for some black converse! Your hair is gorgeous in the first pic too xx

  2. Ally J says:

    I haven't eaten pom-bears in years, love the heels too by the way 🙂



  3. Aww your dog is cute, I have a westie too!! x

  4. ERM, where are those shoes from?! They are pretty excellent!

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