Outfit snaps in my new Disco Pants! | Being bad and having a cornetto | Cut out shirt from Nelly | New H&M ring | Decided to keep the acid wash jeans | Awesome vest kindly donated by The Pretty Junk for my upcoming 1k follower giveaway! | Road trip | St Anne’s Pier | Gambling life away on the 10p machines | Beach outfit | Beautiful pooch! | Ombre nails inspired by Charlene

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5 responses to “WEEKLY SNAPSHOT #18”

  1. Rachel. says:

    Lovely pictures, Your dog is such a cutie! xo


  2. I love your weekly snapshots, they are such a good idea! http://Www.sabrinaconroyiglesias.com

  3. Rachelle says:

    Pretty photos! I love 10p machines haha 🙂 The Pretty Junk have some amazing stock, are they from Preston?
    Rachelle x

  4. Charlotte says:

    I used to have a dog just like yours- beautiful little things and, if yours is anything like mine was, always getting up to no good when your back's turned. Loving your ring too!

    charlotte @ charlottenichols.blogspot.co.uk

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