My ever lasting love affair with Topshop is one with a rocky road. Some seasons I am completely underwhelmed and wondering what went wrong and if the designers have, quite frankly, lost the plot on occasions. However lately that love have been rekindled and is blossoming at heart stopping rates at the site of some of their current pieces. I’ve been shopping with Topshop a lot more than usual lately, which goes to show how much I’m liking their collections. Some of these items I’ve picked out are new in, and a few are things that have been around for a few weeks, but all are equally as lovely!

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1. A gorgeous print that I would buy a couple of sizes too big for a more relaxed, oversized fit. Would look perfect tucked into number 5! 2. I love this shape of dress, fitted at the top and a little skater skirt, as they seem to be flattering on my frame. The print is lovely also, and could be dressed up or down easily. 3. This dress is simply stunning. I love the muted shade and pretty feather print running through it. This would look so lovely with some gladiator sandals and a top knot for a simply summer look. 4. The dress of the moment, so it seems! Have seen this on so many wishlists and I can see why. Such a statement shape and a gorgeous traditional print. I want it in pink too! 5. The Kristen high waisted skinny jeans. I bought these in black the other day for my work uniform and love the fit. Would love them in this colour too, so I could wear them with a huge white baggy blouse and some chunky winter boots. 6. All About Me – a gorgeous pinky red that would look great with a tan! 7. Secret Admirer – a daytime baby pink, perfect for a simple splash of colour. 8. I am in desperate need of some new flats to see me through this random weather period as all I have are sandals or boots, no in between! These mock croc ones are a versatile colour and look super comfy. 9. For some reason, when Autumn looms, I always seem to want a new bag, and this satchel would be the ideal one. A good size and plenty of space! 10. Head Over Heels – After recently rediscovering my Topshop blush in Neon Rose, I’m now longing after more shades. This one is a lovely apricot shade that would suit all skin tones. 11. Prime Time – Another lovely colour, but this time a girly pink for a lovely flush to the cheeks. 12. I have been wanting these shoes since they first landed on the website, and I still want them now. Just look at them! 13. Another sandal. Not really weather appropriate right now in the North West of England, but I can still dream. I’m not usually a fan of cork heels but there’s something about these that appeals to me!

What do you think of Topshop’s collections at the moment? What are your favourite items?


  1. I keep meaning to try out the Topshop lippes but I never seem to remember to go in there. I tend to avoid it for clothes as it's not really my style but the makeup always looks fab! x

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