I’ve had this T Shirt for over a month now and can’t believe I haven’t shown it you since! As you may know I used to work at Outfit up until a couple of weeks ago, and as soon as this came in delivery in Topshop it pretty much flew out. I think they were all gone within the space of two days which is ridiculous, but it’s one of those things that everyone seems to love. We literally had people coming in for days afterwards asking for it. I’m not sure if it’s still stocked anywhere, but I know they have brought out a deep green and a blue version which are both really nice too! I’ve worn mine a couple of times and have always paired it with my Glamorous Disco Pants as I love the way they look together.  The tee has an oversized fit to it, and this may sound stupid but I think it has a proper American High School feel to it, not only in the print but in the shape too what with the rolled up sleeves. I wore this outfit today for a trip into town for a mooch round Primark along with my River Island leather sleeved khaki parka.

T Shirt – Topshop
Disco Pants – Glamorous via Saints & Sinners, Preston
Boots – Primark

As I said, I popped into Primark this morning and picked up a few things. I’ve got some really nice pieces from them in the past week that you will no doubt be seeing very soon. I think this has got to be their best season yet in my eyes. They have some lovely pieces of knitwear, lots of studded shirts, leather detailing and some great basic jersey. Their accessories are also really good this year. I’ve got a couple of bobble hats from them and I’ll no doubt be getting lots o other things in the months to come. Their prices are not as competitive as they used to, but you can still get a bargain if you look hard enough!

Do you like the Topshop Geek tee? Have you got anything from Primark this season?


  1. STUNNER! Love this outfit, you look so 'cool' lol. The top is fabulous and I love the colour of your disco pants! I'm loving Primark at the momento too, went in there last week and wanted everything in the knitwear section – hello christmas jumpers! xx

  2. I'd seen quite a few people wearing that Geek top, but never knew where it was from! Would explain it if it's sold out everywhere! Love those Primark boots, I debated getting them myself when seeing them the other day, maybe next pay day!

    louisejoyb x

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