Crazy priest riding a mechanical piano at the St George’s Student Lock-In | Street style snapping at the event | Waking up to bizarre weather – gorgeous sunshine but heavy rain | Wearing my new Sainsbury’s blouse under a stripe H&M jumper | T Shirt from Studded Petals featured here | Topshop Alvin boots = true love | Making the last of my jewellery. I’m closing shop! Get your goodie bags here – nearly all gone! | Toby with bed hair | Supervising nieces and nephews | Domino’s time …again | Toby looking less than impressed whilst being dried after his bath | Belgian waffles with Nutella and fresh strawberries.

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3 responses to “WEEKLY SNAPSHOT #25”

  1. Those waffles look good enough to eat! Your dog is sooo cute too! Oh and I do love those shoes!!

  2. Olivia Law says:

    I love these kinds of posts! Your dog is adorable too xo

  3. Emma says:

    Im in love with those topshop boots! Very very jealous 🙂

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