As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Dan and I spent some time at Manchester’s German Christmas Markets at the beginning of the week, which really put us in the festive spirit. Dan had been unwell the day before, so it was touch and go whether we could make it, but luckily he was feeling better so we were able to go ahead with our plans. I only popped my Manchester Markets cherry last year, having never gone to see them before, and after falling in love with them straight away, I knew we had to go back this time round. I think I can firmly say that it will be a tradition Dan and I will keep up as it’s such a lovely thing to go and see and there is plenty to do whilst your there.

Last year we make the mistake of going on a busy Sunday afternoon. It was far too busy to get round all the things we wanted to see, and despite it still being a nice day out and having a lovely time, me being a bit funny when it comes to big crowds meant it wasn’t enjoyed as much as it could have been. Still, the charm and festivities had me going back for more, but this time we opted for a weekday, and strolled down from our hotel just as it started to go dark.

We stopped off for food including sausages and some amazing mini pancakes covered in icing sugar, and then treated ourselves to a hot chocolate (mine with Baileys!) and wandered around looking at all the stalls. It was so much nicer going in the evening rather than the middle of the day, as there is a better atmosphere at night when all the lights are shining. Also, being a weeknight it wasn’t overly busy but still had a great hustle and bustle about it. Being there really got me in to the Christmas spirit, and it was nice to go and do something a bit different.

I guess I’ll see you again next year Manchester Markets!

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  1. Ohh wow, this looks lovely! I was going to go to Winter Wonderland but really can't be doing with the crowds, so I've just gone to my tiny village one, this one looks so cute and perfect AND QUIET!! Need more like this <3 x

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