Wednesday, December 12, 2012


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As 2012 is drawing to a close, it’s time to reflect on how the British dance scene has changed over the last few years. From new trends in UK dancewear to new players in the dance world, there’s a lot to consider. Here’s a short overview of the most important changes in the UK dance industry:
- The rising popularity of urban dance. Being one of the most exciting and lively dance cultures, urban dance offers plenty of opportunities to develop an individual style in accordance with the dancer’s personal taste and abilities.
Fashion-forward dancewear. Besides being comfortable, urban dancewear is greatly influenced by street fashion, with hip hop dancers developing their own take on music and fashion. For instance, hip hop singer and songwriter Azealia Banks showcases glamorous ASOS clothes in her new music video Fierce inspiring young hip hop dancers to glam up.
New opportunities to dress up. In addition to the possibility to buy stylish urban dancewear on sale, urban culture followers can pick up personalised garments as part of Christmas eBay auctions. Jackets, shirts, hats and other items feature gift tags signed by Geno Washington, Dionne Warwick, Rizzle Kicks duo and other music idols.
Possible curriculum changes. As the government is considering the possibility to exclude dance along with other art subjects from the new English Baccalaureate, a replacement for GCSE examinations from 2015, the leading dance figures are taking action to prevent the potential damage to dance because the absence of these subjects in secondary education “runs the risk of devaluing” them within schools.
Dance in the Olympic ceremonies. The predominance of dance performances in the Olympic ceremonies shows how rewarding it is to be a dancer as you can be part of the history of Britain. London 2012 opening ceremony dancers state “it truly was a phenomenal spectacle” and “experience of a lifetime”.
National Dance Awards for modern dancers. Dancers such as Azzurra Ardovini, Wendy Houstoun, Hannah Kidd, Dane Hurst, Tommy Franzen and others have won awards for outstanding modern dance performances during the 13th National Dance Awards.
The popularity of modern dance genres is on the rise. If you’re also into dancing, use these last weeks of 2012 to get discounted dancewear for a new term. 


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