A lovely Christmas present from Best British Bloggers | Yummy curry | Sleepy pooch, as usual | Christmas treat to myself | Watching the snowman on Christmas Eve is a tradition in my house | Presents wrapped and ready to go! | Beautiful goodies from the White Company – review coming soon! | Very excited nephew number 1 | Very excited nephew number 2 | Santa came! | Got some lovely presents. Must have been a very good girl! | You know it’s Christmas when the Baileys is out | Christmas dinner with the boy | My gorgeous niece | Morning after brew in my new Orla Kiely mug | I hit the sales! | Spent my night with Magic Mike 😉 | Outfit snaps | Wearing one of my new Asos blouses | A very sleepy Dan and baby nephew, n’aww!

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Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year!


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