I love looking back on past outfits, mainly to see how much my style has changed or evolved, but also for outfit inspiration or to see how I wore a certain item. I’ll admit that I look back on some and think ‘why did you do that to yourself?’, but that’s part of the fun! I did this last year and really enjoyed putting the post together, so knew I wanted to do it again this time round. Not every outfit is featured, but pretty much all of them are here! I left out a few that were duplicates of others, or that I’m not keen on anymore, so here goes!

I think this year I have experimented ALOT with colour, particularly around the time of changing my hair colour as I didn’t have a clue what shades to wear anymore, but I think once I was happy with it, everything fell back into place. Also changing jobs has had an impact on the way I dress, with more formal wear for interviews, and once I bagged my current job I didn’t have a uniform to wear any more, so had to start making more of an effort choosing outfits.

I also decided it was a bout time I took my outfit photos outdoors and I’m so glad I did. In my house there are no pristine white walls to snap against, so my bedroom door had to do. Going outside meant that I could play around with the backdrop more, had more space to move round it, and it showed off the clothes in natural light. That’s not to say I won’t be venturing back indoors, but for now I’m enjoying the change of scenery.

Favourite things to wear this year have been disco pants, skinny fit jeans and midi skirts, along with pretty blouses, chunky knits and oversized tees. I’ve also embraced my pale skin and got my legs out a bit more than usual! 

Let me know which looks are your favourite, and if you’ve done a post like this. I love to see how people’s style can evolve over time!


  1. You always look amazing, and have such lovely clothes! I'm a more recent follower, and I totally didn't recognize you with your brown straight hair! You looked so different! But you always look great! xxx

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