For a while now I’ve been lusting after the American Apparel Easy Jeans, so after conjuring up a healthy eBay profit from selling old clothes, and a cheeky 30% off American Apparel discount code dropping in my inbox, it felt rude not to take the plunge. Long time followers will know how much I struggle with jeans. I’m an odd shape, carrying most of my weight at the top of my legs and across my hips, yet my legs are fairly slim. If I buy a jean that fits at my waist and hips, they end up being baggy on my legs, and jeans that fit my legs tend to be too tight, if they fasten up at all. I’d heard good things about these, and being basically the same fit as the Disco Pants, I knew they would be a good one to try.

Jumper – Primark
Parka – River Island
Easy Jeans – American Apparel
Boots – Topshop
Hat – H&M

I am in love with the fit of the jeans. I’ve had them on all day and they are still fitting like a glove, rather than bagging at the ankles and calves like a normal skinny jean does on me. The denim is really soft and comfortable to wear, and I’d say the closest thing to these on the high street would be the Topshop Leigh jeans. I prefer the Easy Jeans to Leighs as they are high waisted so a lot more flattering on my short legs! I actually ordered a second pair also with the discount which has sadly run out now. These retail at £64, which yes I know seems a lot of money, but in my eyes, so worth it for a good pair of jeans. I got mine for a little less with the discount which makes it sound a lot better (Around £45!). I have a grey pair on their way to me which I’m sure you will be seeing very soon! I’m definitely going to be investing in some more colours!

Have you got the Easy Jeans?


  1. I have the easy jeans in black and I love them! Although they have faded quite a bit, damn black! I really want to try the Topshop Joni jeans now to see how they compare x

  2. Tell me about it, my legs just don't go with my big hips ha! Glad to know that the disco pants from aa are the same as these, been thinking about investing in some! Xx

  3. I love Easy Jeans, there really are no jeans like it. Ive heard that primark are bringing out some dupes soon so I am looking forward to trying them out to see how they compare xx

  4. Excuse, could you tell me what size are these? I'm thinking of buying this jeans and your body type is pretty much like mine. Thank you!

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