Statement Tees were one of the biggest trends of 2012 with bold lettering and eye catching photos adorning chests across the country. Everyone has jumped on the t-shirt band wagon, from Givenchys “Rottweiler tee” which flew off the shelves and was a favourite with the fash pack, to the “Prince Harry is my homeboy” slogan top which trended on twitter and sold out in minutes after Amy Childs posted a photo online.

Whether it’s the loose, casual style that attracts you to this fashion fad, or the chance to have your favourite slogan there for everyone to see there are so many ways to wear the trend that It’s sure to carry on into 2013. But with some ideas absolutely done to death (cough cough *keep calm and carry on* cough cough) here’s a look at how to customise your t-shirts and make the statement t-shirt trend personalised to you.

Fringing – This style is perfect if you want to bare a little bit of midriff but don’t want to go overboard and display your entire post-Christmas stomach. Topshop did tassel tees last year but with only a couple of styles to choose from they begun to feel a bit generic. Why not find a cheap top with a design you like in Primark or a charity shop then cut 2cm wide strips (remembering the edges of the material tend to curl inwards) from half-way up to create an indian-esque tassel effect.

Tie-dye – Tie dye was a huge trend in 2012 and the colourful hippy vibe is set to continue into this year. In preparation for the summer festival fever make your own tie dye designs using a plain white t-shirt, some string and fabric dye. Try pinching small sections and securing with an elastic band then dipping the whole top into a bucket of dye. Or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous roll the t shirt up, secure it in a sausage shape at regular intervals and spray with various colours using a squirty bottle.

Studs – You can get hold of studs in all shapes and sizes from EBay for next to nothing and attaching them to clothes couldn’t be easier as they simply clip on like press studs. Experiment with designs and areas; try dotting the studs over each shoulder for grungy shoulder pads.

Retro –Charity shops are always packed with oversized men’s t shirts covered in retro sports logos and quirky vintage designs. Simply cutting them can personalise them to flatter your body shape. Create drop armholes to show a funky bra strap or lower the neckline for a softer more feminine style. 

T-shirt printing – Possibly the best way to show your personality and make a statement on a t-shirt is to get your favourite photo, piece of artwork or slogan printed onto a top of your choice. It costs next to nothing and means you can create something as individual and wacky as you like. Try finding your favourite film or movie poster, or get a photo that means something to you, instagram it and have a t-shirt printed with that design for a customised vintage feel.


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