Friday, February 01, 2013


I’ve got a serious soft spot for winter fashion as there’s just so much room for experimentation. You can style up your favourite summer dress with a chunky cardi and woolly tights, create interesting looks by layering clothing and who doesn’t love being able to add even more accessories to an outfit – hello scarves, gloves, hats and ear muffs!
Key trends for winter include military detail, metallics, fluffy fabrics including angora and faux fur, 90’s grunge and dark florals. Darker shades are always popular in colder weather, and fabrics like tweed and leather prove popular each time winter rolls round. We’re complete suckers for winter prints too – think snowflakes, reindeer and fir trees.
Below are key picks from IL2L which tick plenty of winter fashion boxes and will keep you warm and toasty no matter how far the temperature drops.

Yes it’s backless but never fear – just think of how many different tops could be layered underneath to create unique looks. We think this dress would look great with a Breton-style black and white striped tee underneath, thick tights and chunky boots. Depending on your height it could also be worn as a top layered over jeans – super cosy.

Metallics are everywhere at the moment but like plenty of fashion trends getting it right can be hit or miss – you don’t want to look as though you’ve dressed in tin foil. With scary trends like this accessories are your best friend. Add a touch of metallic sheen to any outfit with this Religion clutch. It’s really roomy and even has a mirror on the inside, perfect for last minute make up touch ups in the taxi.

Mixing up textures is key when it comes to winter outfits and this Crosshatch men’s jacket features a combination of cool quilting and that English country gentlemen essential, corduroy. This jacket also features elbow pads and has plenty of pockets for wallets, phones and as many sets of keys as you like.

Fair Isle print items are classic winter pieces and this snuggly men’s zip through jumper is really cosy and chunky. It’s one of those great garments for men – something which he looks nice in but is also totally stealable on those days you’re feeling chilly. Brilliant!
This jumper is ideal with jeans, or for a slightly smarter look, navy coloured chinos.


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