You like to have a
good time no matter what your evening plans are, so it pays to have a few
ensembles at the ready for a night out on the town. But your wardrobe wholly
depends on where you’re going and who you’re with. For a few ideas on how to
dress for all of your social engagements, just keep reading.

Your dinner
Nothing says “romantic” like the perfectly cut dress. If you’re
planning a special evening, this go-to piece is always appropriate, whether
you’re on a first date or rekindling your love. But try to forego the little
black dress, as classic as it may be. Instead, you can pique your date’s
interest with a dress in a stunning colour and unique details. Browse these
from New Look to find your date night look.

Take advantage of one of this spring’s sexiest trends to create
a simmering look for a night on the dance floor: the bare midriff. This 90s
comeback trend is a little more reserved than before, so it’s easy to keep it
classy while sporting your abs. Pair high-waisted skinny leg trousers with a
cropped top that has a high neckline, and you can be sure to look tempting
without showing off too much skin. Try this Red Label Black Glitter High Neck
Crop Top, for instance.

A night out
with the girls.
When you’re planning to have a low-key dinner with a
few friends, there’s no need to get all gussied up, but that doesn’t mean you
can’t still look put-together. Get dressed in five minutes by slipping on your
favourite pair of jeans and a stylish yet comfy knit top. Add stud earrings and
brogues, and you’re ready to go.

Don’t have time to change before leaving the office and
heading to happy hour? No problem. You can simply add a bit of panache to your
standard business trousers to make your ensemble both office-appropriate yet
stylish enough to wear to your favourite restaurant or lounge after hours. Try
a sheer top like this Tokyo Doll Black Frill Collar Blouse to show off a little
skin in a completely sophisticated way.

Casual but
And what do you wear when you’re not quite sure where you’ll be
heading later? Keep it casual while still turning heads in a pair of
loose-fitting black trousers (think of the “boyfriend” cut). Add a feminine and
flirty top in black and white to create a duotone look that is sharp on
everyone. Finish it off with your basic black platform pumps (every fashionista
has a pair) and you’ll have an outfit that was easy to put together, yet just
as stylish as your previous ensembles.

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