I’m one of those people who just isn’t a fan of breakfast. I eat it every day as I know it’s important, but my body just can’t be bothered with food most mornings. I’ve stuck to the same cereal for months now, and was starting to get bored of the same old thing, so when the lovely lot over at Lizi’s contacted me about reviewing their granola, I thought, why not?! I’m a fan of granola yogurts, (you now, those ones that come in the little separate pots that you mix together) but have never actually tried it as a breakfast cereal.

Lizi’s granola is designed to keep you fuller for longer, which was a great selling point for me as I’m often known to take a trip to the vending machines at work when the munchies hit me just before lunch time, and is made from natural ingredients. I wasn’t sure which flavour I was going to receive, but when I opened the package to find the Treacle & Pecan version inside, my sweet tooth and I were very pleased indeed! 

Lizi’s Treacle and Pecan Granola – rrp £3.65 (400g bag)

I hot footed it down to the corner shop to pick up some yogurt to have with the granola, and oh my goodness, how yummy! The sweetness of the treacle makes it so more-ish, and I loved the slightly soft but crunchy texture of the granola. It was delicious with the yogurt, and more importantly it did actually keep me nicely full until lunch time which will help me cut out a lot of the junk I eat between meals! 

I love this product so much that I’ve actually finished the bag and already bought a second one from Waitrose. This of course isn’t the only flavour available though. You can see lots more on the Lizi’s site, and I’m already tempted to try the Pink Apple and Cinnamon one. My brother visited for the weekend and tried it, and also stocked up on a couple bags to take back home, so it’s been a big hit in my house!

Have you tried Lizi’s Granola?


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