It came to my attention recently that I have never spoken about my iPad on my blog, when it takes up such a huge part of my life as a blogger, particularly when it comes to social media. I’ve always been a big fan of Apple products, and recently sold my white iPad 2 when Dan surprised me with a brand spanking new iPad Mini for Christmas last year. It’s one of those items that I don’t think I could live without now that I have it, as I use it so much. Anyway, I decided to put together a little post showing you my favourite apps to use not only as a blogger, but in general. The App Store has some amazing apps if you’re prepared to search for them, and I’ve come across some great ones in the past few months, but these are my top 5:
An obvious choice for any blogger nowadays is Twitter. This is the first and last thing I check whenever I pick up my iPad. The design is sleek and clean, and doesn’t have that horrible ‘mobile view’ feel to it. It looks pretty much the same as the web version, but better. Easy to navigate and a must for all bloggers.

Flipboard is basically a moodboard slash magazine that collects together all the information that you want to see. When you first log in you will be asked to chose from a list of topics you would like to learn more about, and these topics then make up your Flipboard. Add to this your Twitter feed, Facebook, Tumblr and many other social media platforms, and you have your very own personalised magazine. What I love about this is that blogging is recognised in many of the topics. In my Style magazine I’ve seen Susie Bubble’s posts pop up amongst others! A good looking, well made app for getting all your information in one place, cutting out all the bits you don’t want to read about.

The Cut

This app is perfect for all you followers of fashion. As well as fashion and celebrity news, you can view all the looks from runway shows around the world, right up to the latest season. With images, videos and show reports, The Cut covers everything you need to know about what’t hot and what’s not, allowing you to view and rate looks from designer collections. It can take a little while to load due to the vast amount of large yet beautiful images, but once your in you won’t be able to pull yourself away!


This is probably one of the most used apps I have on my iPad, purely because of all the Vloggers I love to watch! If you’re a fashion or beauty blogger, you will know how big Youtube is in the community, so I use Youtube to keep up to date with reviews, tutorials and style from my favourite Vloggers and Gurus. Another app that in my eyes is a must have! It’s easy to use, clean and simple and videos look brilliant on the iPad’s screen (I’m a geek, I know).


You all know how much I (over)use Instagram, so this is an obvious choice for me. Instapad is basically your Instagram feed displayed on the iPad. Unfortunately you can’t (yet) upload photos using Instapad as uploading isn’t supported on this app, but you can do everything else you can do on your phone. I use it to browse and like images as I think they look so much better in this app than they do on the small phone screen. A nice app to have to view yours and your favourite Instagrammer’s galleries.

So there we have my top five iPad apps from a fashion blogger’s perspective, in no particular order. These are just my favourites. If you have some suggestions of others to download then please do share them in the comments! I know I would love to discover more.

As I said, my iPad was a Christmas gift, but if you’re looking to invest in one, Carphone Warehouse offer some great deals on all colours and sizes. 

Let me know what your favourite apps are, whether they are fashion focused, social media or even games, I would love to try out some more! Hopefully this has given you some new ideas too!


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