A short while ago I was very kindly offered a selection of Maxitone products to review, and after hearing good things about the brand and also being on a health kick, I decided to give it a go. I’ve briefly tried a couple of things similar to this in the past, but never stuck to them and was always a little unimpressed with the taste amongst other things, but after hearing some good reviews from a bunch of people about Maxitone, I had my hopes up! I received a Maxitone set which comprised of a 700g tub of the Strawberry Sundae shake powder, a mixer for making the shakes in, and a box of the Caramel Crunch bars. The idea behind the Sculptress range is that it encourages you to eat little and often, having five small meals a day, two of which would be a shake or a bar as a substitute. The Sculptress range is designed to aid weight loss when used alongside an exercise regime of 20 mins a day, 5 days a week. At the time I was well into the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD, so this was the perfect time to start the Maxitone Sculptress weight loss system.

I decided that I was going to focus on the shakes, and only use the bars when I wanted a bit of a change or didn’t want quite as much to eat/drink, so got straight into it and had my first shake at breakfast on a Saturday morning. At first I wasn’t too sure about how they would taste as the powder to water ratio is quite high, but after a couple of mouthfuls I actually found it really pleasant. However, about half an hour after finishing it, I started to get a strange feeling in my stomach, almost like a dull stomach ache, but just shook it off and got on with the rest of the day. I went on to have small meals throughout the day as suggested, and had my second shake later that afternoon. The stomach ache actually got a little worse after the second shake, so I decided to skip a meal that night to give it a rest. After a good night’s sleep though I woke up feeling better the next morning. 

I decided to give the shakes another shot that morning, but alas, the stomach ache returned, so I made the decision to stop using the products as they obviously weren’t agreeing with me. I don’t know why they made me feel this way, but I do have a delicate stomach and a few intolerances to certain ingredients, so I’m guessing there is something in the formula that my stomach just does not like. I was really disappointed that my body reacted this way to them, and although I really wanted to persist, I didn’t want to put my body through unnecessary discomfort. I heard so many great things and had read other great reviews, so I decided to get a second opinion. They may not work for me, but to give the products a fair review, I passed them on to my friend, Estelle, who is having a much better experience with them.

Maxitone Sculptress Strawberry Sundae Shake 700g rrp £24.99*

Maxitone Shaker rrp £4.99*

Maxitone Sculptress Caramel Crunch Bars (12 pack) rrp £23.99*

She has been using the shakes for almost a fortnight now and has seen a huge difference in her eating habits and portion sizes. We work together in an office environment, with the pull of the vending machine luring us in to buy chocolate and crisps every break time, so the Maxitone has been put to the test in the most tempting situations. Estelle uses the shakes in the same way I started off, drinking one in place of breakfast, and then a second as an afternoon snack, and has seen great results. So good that I’m jealous I can’t do it myself! She has completely stopped snacking between meals and has said that her hunger levels have reduced, meaning portion sizes have reduced in turn. She also pointed out that ince you get into it, it fits in well with your routine and doesn’t feel like you are having to go to any effort like you would with other diets. Plus it’s perfect for someone in a similar job role to us where you are sat at a desk all day, as you can just bring along a measure of the powder in your shaker, and top it up with water when you’re ready for it to drink whilst you work. Estelle has also said she feels less bloated in the evenings and is seeing a difference in her body as a result of the system, so a definiate thumbs up from her!

Floral Leggings – Vera Moda @ Asos*

Oversized tee – Asos*

Zip through hoody – Asos*

Converse – Zalando*

The lovely ladies over at Maxitone and Best British Bloggers also let me pick out my perfect work out outfit from Asos to wear in line with the weight loss system with the idea of staying ‘fit and fabulous’ which was incredibly generous of them. Seeing as I prefer to work out at home and hate the gym, I wanted to pick out something I’d be comfortable in to to wear whilst doing my 30 Day Shred. I opted for a pair of printed leggings as a pose to plain joggers or yoga style pants as I get way too hot in those, and teamed them with a nice cool oversized tee and a hoody to throw on over the top. I’d wear these with my Converse for a simple, easy look with a fun, bright twist to wear outfit for exercising.

It’s a shame that the Maxitone products didn’t work for me as I was really keen to try them out properly, but I’m so glad someone else is having more luck with them. I’m intrigued to find out what ingredient it was that I didn’t take kindly to! Has anyone else had this problem? I’ll keep you all updated on how Estelle gets on with them and would love to hear your experiences with the products.

Thanks so much to Best British Bloggers and Maxitone for sending over the products and for the opportunity! 


  1. I really didn't get on with the shakes. I hated the taste, I got chocolate as I heard before hand that strawberry was awful – I usually prefer strawberry though. It was a huge tub that I had spent quite a bit of money on so was disappointed but they don't accept not liking the taste to return the product. Overall a big thumbs down from me so I passed it on to my Boyfriend, he doesn't like them either though being a regular shake drinker!

    Sorry for the massive rant, shame they don't do trial sizes as they're pretty pricey!!

    Paula ♥ | xo

  2. Hi Claire

    I found your post as I have been on the maxitone shakes and tablets for the last few weeks and have found them to work well at keeping you full and making me really think about home much I was eating at work… Maybe the tablets might work better for you?

    Best of luck xxx

  3. I am trying the shakes and am using the Strawberry Sundae flavour. I find them very tasty and filling, I make them up and leave for 5-10 minutes and I find they taste better, thicker and not chalky, where as the first one i made up and drank immediately really put me off but I've learned the error of my ways! First week I lost 3lbs. I have them for breakfast and lunch and I snack of fruit and eat a normal dinner and am drinking as much water as I can. Haven't tried the tablets or the bars. The only problem I am find is that I am not as regular as I usually am but that is probably because I am not eating rubbish.

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