Across the vast plain of the internet you can find a whole range of beautiful, fantastic and even bizarre pieces of furniture for your bedroom. Although many of us simply love traditional bedroom styles and brands such as Regency
furniture, found from Oak Furniture UK
,  there are in places on the internet, troves of spectacular bedroom furniture that you may not have ever before imagined.

With that in mind, here are five of the best:

Little Black Dresser

Source: Straightlinedesigns.com

Made from MDF and maple veneer, this wonderfully shaped set of drawers would work brilliantly within a bedroom that considers itself both modern and sleek.Whether hung on the bedroom wall or found as an extra set of drawers within the depths of a wardrobe, this dresser offers stylishly lovable compartments for underwear and a range of other bedroom related items.

Bookcase Bed

Source : Yankodesign.com

If space happens to be a particular issue in your home, then with this innovatively designed bed you can help not only store all of your favourite books, but also provide room during the day to read them. Easy to put up in the morning, and to lay down at night, you can in a matter of minutes transform your bedroom into a reading room or study with the greatest of ease.By simply linking the different parts of the bed together, you can enjoy the best of two worlds without sacrificing either a much needed spare bedroom, or the study in which you have always desired.

Kids City Bus Bed

Source: WeAreBeds.com

If you’re searching for a bed for the little people in your house and want to make bedtime a little bit more fun, then this wonderful Kids City Bus bed should offer the perfect excuse for any child to go to bed. Though this may seem particularly exceptional, you can in fact find a whole range of vehicle beds on the internet including VW buses, Ferrari sports cars and much more.

Boya Lamp

Source: Environmentfurniture.com

If the environment is at the heart of your household then this simple lamp could well find a place within your bedroom. Made from reclaimed oak, this wonderful lamp is set to a low light within the grey blown glass, so if you also enjoy the prospect of an internal sunset, you can find it right here whilst at the same time, saving money on your electricity bills.

Curvy Bookshelf

Source: Etsy.com

With less and less people turning to books for pleasure according
to The Guardian
, it is about time we made reading just a little bit more fun. Although many of us are now turning to E-Readers as well as reading on

tablets and phones, there is still a huge market for paper books! With that in mind, this beautifully creative bookshelf exemplifies just how great books can be, for both adults and children and better yet, it suits almost any type of décor, from rustic right through to contemporary.

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  1. Some inspirational ideas here thank you for sharing. Here at The Fitted Bedroom Centre we have a beautiful range of furnishings to suit every taste and preference and love to create great bespoke designs too. We wish you and your readers all the very best.

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