When the lovely people at Next asked me to pick out my perfect holiday bag from their collection, I knew exactly the kind I would choose. I like to think of myself as chief case packer when it comes to holidays, as I love putting outfits together and neatly arranging everything in my case at least a few days in advance. Some cal it organised, other call it OCD, but I like to think of it as that very first bit of excitement before the holiday comes around, where you know it’s finally time to jet off and wear your new things! However, I couldn’t just pick a bag and talk about it. No, me being me decided to go one step further and show you exactly why I’ve chosen said bag by showing you how versatile it is. 

As I said, I knew straight away what kind of bag I would go for. I wanted to chose something that could be used time and time again, worn with many outfits and something that felt summery and fun. Enter the Mini Tote Bag in an absolutely gorgeous shade of coral – the instant summer pick-me-up colour! The ideal shape and size for a flight bag, the perfect hold all for the beach, and smart enough to take to work when the holiday is over.

Look 1 – On The Plane:

For me, a flight bag has to be easy to carry, have plenty of space without being too bulky, and also be something that can be used for the rest of the holiday. I always pack the essentials in my flight bag to keep me occupied on the plane, covering everything from a good book, magazine and ipod full of summer tunes to get me in the mood, to a lightweight blanket, inflatable cushion and eyemask for those pesky night time flights!

For the plane, I tend to wear something light and comfortable, like this jersey striped dress with some nice chunky sandals (wearing them on the plane saves SO much space in the suitcase!) and a simple denim jacket to throw over the top. The simplicity of this look and the almost nautical feel ties in perfectly with the tote bag’s bright red colour. 

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Look 2 – On The Beach:

The second look I’ve gone for is an outfit for chilling out by the beach or the pool, showing just how versatile the tote bag is! It’s a great size for all the poolside essentials – beach towel, sun cream, drink and a good read. I like to go for a two piece bikini on holiday and keep a cool kaftan in my bag to cover up from the sun when it gets a bit too much for my pastey white skin, or when it’s time to pop inside for food. The gorgeous zebra print bikini and black kaftan make a monochrome combo that sets off the coral red of the bag perfectly. Very 1950s inspired! Add on some chunky wooden jewellery and aviator shades and you’re set to sizzle!

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Look 3 – Out For Lunch:

Finally, I wanted to put together an outfit that would be ideal for a day out sightseeing and a spot of lunch, something quite casual that could easily be taken into night. This is the kind of thing I would wear to go off into the hustle and bustle of a city centre for a spot of shopping, taking in the architecture and grabbing a bite to eat in a rustic cafe. Obviously the tote takes centre stage with it’s pop of colour, but teamed with a touch of leopard print, denim frayed shorts and a statement jewelled necklace in complementing colours, and you have a great look that could work day or night. Keep cool with a straw trilby hat and some simple tan sunnies, stick your camera, purse and sun cream in the bag and your ready to go!

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I know which bag I’ll be purchasing for my holiday to Menorca later this year! What about you? What kind of bag is your perfect bag for travelling? What are your holiday essentials?


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  1. This post just helped me with a massive conundrum Claire! Off to Murcia for three days at the beginning of July with OH for a surprise bday and now I have everything I need – just need the money now!

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