There’s nothing better I love than a girls night in. You know the kind; pampering, cheesy rom-coms on the TV and copious amounts of chocolate based food. I think I would quite honestly say I would rather have my friends over for a chilled out night with a glass (ahem) of wine and good company than a night out any day. Does that make me sound boring? It seems I’m not the only one either, as Ladbrokes Bingo has conducted an interesting survey that shows that 35% of women think pampering is a girls night priority, and I think I would definitely have to agree. So come on in ladies, put up your feet and take a look at my top tips for the perfect girls night in, starting off with the perfect outfit!

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Don’t get my wrong, I love the whole idea of getting all dolled up for a night out, spending time perfecting those cat eye flicks with eyeliner and picking out an outfit to make me feel my best in, but in my experience, most nights out have ended in disappointment  mainly in the wardrobe department! I hate coming home smelling of cheap alcopop that a girl with bad dance moves has drunkenly spilt all over me when she lost her footing whilst pretending to be Beyonce, or looking down at my feet to see my gorgeous new shoes have been destroyed by the sticky mess of the nightclub floor. Make up never stays in place and even though I left the house feeling amazing, I always seem to come home resembling some shiny faced panda eyed mess after spending a little too long on the dance floor.

At the same time though, I’m not the kind of girl to just lounge around in her pjs, and I do like to make an effort especially when I have people round, so one of the looks above would be ideal for a relaxed night in with friends.

Next up would be to make sure you all pamper yourself as much as possible (everyone deserves a treat), so I’ve put together a selection of my favourite pamper products. I actually use all of the below and would recommend them to anyone wanting to try them out, especially the Crabtree & Evelyn moisturiser. The smell is incredible!

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Finally I thought I’d share some top tips to add the finishes touches to the perfect girl’s night in:

– Get together some cocktail ingredients along with a shaker and crushed ice, and get everyone making their own tasty drinks.

– Snacks don’t have to be sinful! Dip berries in dark chocolate and allow to set for a low fat, tasty treat, and serve tortilla chips and chopped carrots and celery with light dips and salsas.

– Make your own face masks by mixing mashed avocado with a teaspoon of honey for a cheap alternative.

– Get all the girls to bring round some nail polishes, and buy some uber cheap nail art brushes from eBay and try your hands at nail art. So much easier to do on someone else, and bang on trend!

Would you rather spend a night with the girls at home, or hit the town? What are your tips for having a great girl’s night in?

This post was written in association with Ladbrokes Bingo. 



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