Outfit photos on the blog | Sleepy pooch | One of my favourite summer drinks | Blogging! | Gorgeous Fashion Union blouse with Primark dungarees | Always go back to me holy grail Liz Earle cleanser | Selling my American Apparel Easy Jeans, both size small if anyone’s intereste! | Ice cream van visited work | Jupmed on the Elle / Benefit bandwagon | My stall at the St Catherine’s Hospice Vintage Fair | Little haul from the Vintage Fair | Don’t even drink coke but had to get these just for the bottles!

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6 responses to “WEEKLY SNAPSHOT #53”

  1. Louisejoyb says:

    That ice cream looks huge! Could definitely devour it round about now though. I spotted the 'named' coke bottles in town today too, but couldn't find mine!

    louisejoyb x

  2. OMG those jeans are amazing, how much are you selling them for?!

  3. I am interested! I've been looking for a pair, like that! The only problem I think would be that I live in the US not the UK :/

  4. I'll make sure to do that thanks! 🙂

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