As you may have read on the blog last week, I am currently reviewing one of my favourite games on the Nintendo DS, which is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’ve been a huge fan of the Animal Crossing series since I caught the bug with their previous DS title ‘Wild World’ and couldn’t put it down for a number of months, so when I heard this one was being released I was pretty excited, but at the same time sceptical, wondering if it would live up to the last game. Also being seven years ago since I played the first game, I wondered whether it would still appeal to me in the same way as it did when I was a little younger.

As we move on to my second diary entry summarising my second week with the game, I think you will start to notice than regardless of age, I am started to get ridiculously addicted to this new title with its super cute animals. , music and  general game play. Also I have recently discovered the snapshot function on the 3DSXL, where pressing the L and R buttons together takes a screen shot of the game. No more dodgy camera shots!

Week Two:

At the beginning of week two I am now wondering round my little town, Sunville, with a large loan hanging over my head, the I spend the day endlessly hunting high and low for things to sell. I gather fruit and other items from trees nearby (whilst getting stung by bees a lot in the process), fish in the rivers and sea for a rather substansial amount of fish, and dig til my hearts content until I have enough items to fill my pockets. I take several trips to see Reese at Re-Tail where I sell all my findings, and soon enough I have raised enough money to pay off my loan – hurrah! Tom Nook is very impressed and I even decide to upsize my home to a larger model. Construction begins the next day, and yep, you guessed it, another loan is given for my expansion. This time a lot bigger, so I won’t be rushing to pay this one off quite the same!

Since Dan has bought himself a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I decided to invite him over from his town Rosewood so that he could check out the competition, meet some of my animals and join me whilst I run around Sunville. This particular day was the longest day of the year (don’t forget, the game is in real time, so when events and holidays happen in real life, they happen in the game too!), which was celebrated by having a cheery cut out in the plaza and also receiving silly sunglasses as gifts. This kept us amused for a while as we took some snaps behind the cut out board and found outfits to match our Kanye-esque shades.

I also wanted to see what Dan’s town had to offer, so I hopped on a train and went over to Rosewood, where I met lots of new animals and stole apples from his trees (shhh). It was really nice to see that all the animals are different in Dan’s town, so that things didn’t get repetitive. His trees grow different fruit to mine, and his layout is completely different, so each town feels really individual.

Even though Dan’s town is nice, I much prefer Sunville’s layout and characters personally, probably because I have become attached to them now! Some of my residents include Agent S, a squirrel who wears  blue helmet for no apparent reason, but says the cutest things, Mathilda the kangaroo complete with baby in her pouch, Nate the sometimes grumpy but loveable bear, and even a couple of new arrivals! This week Sunville has greeted Jaques, a very chic looking bird, and Shari, an adorable monkey with the prettiest clothes! I’ve spent lots of time getting to know my residents, playing games with them, running errands and chatting the evenings away. 

I also learn that I have reached the 100% goal for getting my town Development Permit, so I am quick to start some projects in the town. I choose to make Sunville a ‘night owl town’ meaning that shops can stay open later (a necessity for me seeing as I can only play in the evenings) which quickly takes effect, and I also start a works project to build a lovely yellow bench overlooking the river. The works projects are run on donations, and can only be completed once the target has been raised, so I set about donating as much as I can to get the work done.

Another successful week on the game all in all. I’m really loving all the little features that make the game feel more personal, such as the fact that my town is completely different to Dan’s, something I wasn’t expecting at all. I’ve also enjoyed the online aspect, being able to go to other towns and invite people into your own, perfect if you want to do something a little different or just play along with others! 

Next week will be the last week I will be reviewing the game, and I already have lots of exciting stuff to show you so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

Disclaimer: I have been gifted the Nintendo 3DSXL and a preloaded copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf for review purposes by Nintendo, however I have not been paid to write this post. All thoughts and views are my own and 100% honest.

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