On to my third and final diary post of my experience playing the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf game on the Nintendo 3DS! If you read my last two posts on this game, you will know how much I am loving playing it, and how addicted I have already become! My last post was two weeks ago now, and a lot has happened in the game since, so let me update you on what I’ve been up to in my little town, Sunville.

Weeks Three To Four:

After discovering there was a tropical island just a short boat trip away from Sunville, I’ve been spending most of my time over there! The island is home to a wealth of rare fish, bugs and flowers that sell back in the town for lots of bells, and I also found you could borrow a wet suit to go swimming in the clear waters. Dan came over from Rosewood and we took a boat ride over to catch lots of new species for our museums and to sell back at home. It’s a lovely little addition to the game and gives a change of scenery and a lot more variety too. I’ve spent a lot of time there with the previous Mayor from the Wild World game, Tortimer, as he also runs tours and games on the Island. He gives tasks to do in return for medals which can be spent in the Island’s shop on exclusive items. 

Since my last post, I also managed to complete two public works projects, one for a lovely yellow bench looking over the waters, and another for a suspension bridge across the river to allow easy access and a shortcut through the town. Isabelle, my assistant, was kind enough to throw completion ceremonies for each of these where all the animals in the town came out to see the grand opening.

There have been lots of other things happening in the town, making it a bigger and better place, such as the opening of a new flower shop, and the expansion of the convenience store, Nookling Junction. The shop closed for a day after having a closing down sale (which of course I attended!), and renovation work took place. I visited my town the next morning to find a brand new store called T&T Mart (aptly named after the little Nook brothers Timmy and Tommy – the cutest things I’ve ever seen) which houses a much wider selection of goods, and a catalogue system where you can order products!

There’s also another exciting project taking place over the next few days which I am really looking forward to, which is the opening of a night club on the shopping strip! Shrunk came to my house to discuss the idea with me, and after agreeing that it was a great idea, I headed off to get the animal’s support and have them sign a petition. Luckily I’ve now collected enough signatures for the work to go ahead, so now it’s just a case of waiting for the work to be completed on Club LOL!

All in all it’s been a very jam packed few weeks in Sunville, with lots going on and just as much to look forward to! I’ll be continuing my adventures in the game from now on, though I won’t be blogging my experiences any further. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my thoughts on a game that I have known and loved for quite some time now, and I think this title really wipes the floor with the previous DS game, Wild World. I did have my reservations to whether it would be as good, or would still appeal to me now that I am older and have less spare time on my hands, but I’ve become completely obsessed with it all over again (maybe even more so this time round…).

I would say that this game is of course aimed at children, but I know many adults who really enjoy playing Animal Crossing. It is pretty dialogue heavy, so I wouldn’t recommend it for young children as there is quite a lot to take in, but anywhere from age 10 upwards would be perfect. If you’re children (or even yourself!) has a long six week break this Summer and you don’t know how to keep them occupied, I would definitely recommned giving this game a go, as there is something new to do every day, but not so much that they them completely glued to it. Overall I think it’s a lovely, light hearted fun game that can be enjoyed by many, and will be one of my firm favourites for years to come.

Overall score: 9/10

Disclaimer: I have been gifted the Nintendo 3DSXL and a preloaded copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf for review purposes by Nintendo, however I have not been paid to write this post. All thoughts and views are my own and 100% honest.

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